Real Bourbon Barrel Heads

  • SAVE $40 for a Limited Time
  • 21" in Diameter and weighs 10lbs
  • Hanging slot and hardware included
  • Optional Lazy Susan, Clock, and Table add-ons
  • Planed flat and smooth for easy signing
  • Sealed with a fixative to hold signatures in place
  • Comes with a free marker

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Solid Wood

Unique Guest Books

Perfect for any rustic or outdoor theme. Lasts a lifetime. Made from 100% upcycled bourbon barrels and laser engraved with your personal details.

Display Forever

Laser Engraved & Hand Finished

Designs are lasered into the wood giving depth and contrast while maintaining the rustic look. All guest books are planed smooth to the touch for easy signing and sealed with a fixative to keep signatures in place.

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All of our Guest Books are:

  1. Hand crafted with love using exclusive designs.
  2. Laser engraved into the wood so it lasts forever.
  3. Big and sturdy, made from solid 100% American oak.
  4. Reclaimed from old whiskey and bourbon barrels.
  5. Made to order – cut, milled, cleaned and assembled by hand.
  6. 100% Made in the USA.
  7. Comes with Hanging Hardware.