Guest Books VS Signs

While our Signs and Guest Book alternatives are all built from reclaimed Bourbon Barrels, they are finished in unique ways. Here's the difference:

Our Bourbon Barrel Guest Books are planed, which means the top layers of the barrel head are milled down so the surface is flat and even. We sand out any imperfections, then adhere a clear fixative that adds both a layer of protection and a seamless base for signatures. We recommend using a permanent marker to make sure your well-wishes are forever preserved. We even include one with your purchase! For weddings with a large guest count, we suggest a fine-tip marker to ensure maximum signatures. 
Bourbon Barrel Head Guest Book

Our Bourbon Barrel Signs are built just the same, however they do not get planed. Instead, we simply sand the barrel heads for a more natural finish - Maintaining the original character on each piece. Every barrel is a little bit different, and we love the unique qualities! To finish off, we add a coat of wood bleach so your chosen design really stands out. These signs offer a rustic flair to any room and also make thoughtful, unique gifts.

Curious about our Quarter Barrels? They're just as described - A quarter of a barrel head! This is a great option if you're unsure about a full barrel head Guest Book. These are planed as well, with the same clear fixative for signatures (if desired) or they simply look great as a focal point in your decor. The perfect way to personalize your mantle!
The Bourbon Stave Mosaic Wedding Guest Book: A true showstopper. Made from real bourbon barrel staves, we mill, sand and build these beautiful mosaics into family heirlooms that you can treasure forever. Our process starts with purchasing barrels straight from the famous Kentucky bourbon trail. Once delivered we hand select only the finest parts of the barrels to assure you of quality. This baby was rolled around in rackhouses and used to store 50+ gallons of bourbon at a time.  It is solid as a rock and will stand the test of time.
Stave Mosaic
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