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All of our Barrel Head Signs, Wedding Guest Books, and Artistic Decor in one place. Reclaimed, handcrafted, personalized.

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  • Full Bourbon Barrel Head

    A full 21″ barrel head – pulled from a used barrel and repurposed as a guest book. Planed flat and smooth for the most contrast and easy signing.

  • Barrel Stave Mosaic

    Made from multiple barrel staves - Measures 21″ x 21″.  Features a more rustic surface than the barrel head, but more overall signing area.

  • Quarter Barrel Slat

    An oversized slat from a bourbon barrel head. Measures 21″ x 5″. Single solid piece of wood can be displayed upright on any flat surface. Best for weddings around 40 people.

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All of our Guest Books are:

  1. Hand crafted with love using exclusive designs.
  2. Laser engraved into the wood so it lasts forever.
  3. Big and sturdy, made from solid 100% American oak.
  4. Reclaimed from old whiskey and bourbon barrels.
  5. Made to order – cut, milled, cleaned and assembled by hand.
  6. 100% Made in the USA.

While all our Guest Books and Signs are handcrafted from reclaimed bourbon barrels, there are key differences between each style.

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Hand assembled, unique designs crafted from reclaimed Bourbon Barrels. Where sustainability meets...