Western Wedding Ideas - Real Whiskey Barrel Engraved Designs

Western Wedding Ideas - Real Whiskey Barrel Engraved Designs

Welcome! We've been receiving a ton of requests lately for western wedding ideas and old west style engraving designs, and we couldn't be more thrilled to create these for you guys. The burnt engraving on the whiskey wood creates such an amazing touch to your western wedding decor that when you choose a western themed design, it just sets it right off. From antlers to branding irons to whiskey bottle labels, a western theme is pretty broad. If you're not sure whether or not something goes with your theme, or feel like it's not quite right, just reach out and we'll build a custom design using your idea, usually within the same business day. Your western whiskey barrel idea might not have even been created yet, but here are a few that we've been having fun making for our recent couples that might provide a little inspiration. I want to customize mine!

Western Wedding Idea - Your Own Cattle Brand

On a few occasions, we've had the honor of engraving the family brand onto our guestbooks. Only once did the couple have an image file - other times, we've taken the photo they sent over and created a digital version to engrave. In once case, the family asked us to create a brand for them, which we loved doing. It's so much fun to work on art that's so meaningful to our customers. For another order, our couple ordered just a plain guestbook so they could brand it themselves at the wedding with their branding iron. We love the moment they created!

Western Wedding Idea - Whiskey Logo

Would you even be here if you didn't like whiskey? Maybe, but chances are you have a favorite whiskey brand. One of the things we ask customers when they're trying to think of a design idea is - "what's your favorite whiskey?" Once we know that, we can create a fun design that mimics the logo or label of their favorite brand. In our customizer, we have designs already created that you can enter your info into to create your own Jack Daniels, Maker's Mark, or Jameson inspired design (plus a few others - go check it out!)

Western Wedding Idea - Rustic Font Choice

If you're loving one of our templates but just don't think it's western enough for your theme, don't fret. Just change the font! We have a few fonts in our drop down selector on the customizer that'll make your design instantly more antique and reminiscent of the old west. If you'd like to use a font that we don't have on our page, don't worry - just message us. We'll help you find the perfect font from our favorite online sources and have a mockup ready for you quickly.

Western Wedding Ideas - Connect with your Wild Side

Hunter? Having your wedding on a ranch? Meet on a farm? These are a few stories we've heard from customers wanting designs that feature an animal in one way or another. Antlers are a very versatile motif that calls back to the old days while being on trend, which is why you'll see them bridging the gap between modern and rustic styles. We've also had different requests for graphics featuring the whole deer (attached to those antlers), a bull, and a horse. What's your iconic animal?

The best piece of rustic wedding decor

A great way to make your rustic wedding any style you want with custom engraving. Get started with our customizer, or let us know if you'd like us to help you design your unique bourbon barrel head guestbook. Once you choose your design, we'll burn it into your wood so your piece is a natural piece of both whiskey history and your family's story. Shop Rustic Whiskey Guestbooks
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