Postponing or Cancelling your Wedding? 6 Things you Need to Do

Postponing or Cancelling your Wedding? 6 Things you Need to Do

Wedding postponements and cancellations happen. More frequently than we in the wedding business want to admit to, perhaps. But they are a reality, no matter how well you prepare. Whether it's a rampant virus, a hurricane or other natural disaster, or for a personal reason, it happens, it sucks, and you have to get through it. Here's how you do it:

1. Decide Whether You're Postponing your Wedding to another date, or Cancelling altogether.

This one question is basically going to decide everything in your future. For most of these situations (for example, if your wedding is canceled because of the Coronavirus), postponing is going to be best. But if it's a personal issue that's giving you pause, you really need to consider if this is something that is just going to be worked out or something that simply has to come to an end. Is your wedding postponed?

2. Ask Your Friends, Wedding Party, Parents, and others close to you For Help

If you are finding all of this hard to deal with, it's time to ask for help. That's what your wedding party is supposed to be there for. Contact your maid of honor, your best man and ask them to take on some of the burdens. Send them a chunk of the next list-- because believe me, it's gonna be a little rough. The more help the better.

3. Call. Your. Vendors.

Depending on whether your disaster is personal, or affecting your whole region (like the current as of this writing COVID 19 outbreak), all of your vendors need to know that you need to move or cancel your ceremony and reception, and as soon as possible. Time is money in the wedding industry, and the earlier they can know that you're canceling, the better chance they have of giving your place to another client (thereby resenting you less). Everyone from your venue to your cupcake maker, to your dogsitter to your DJ needs to know that things are in flux. Don't try and get your ish together before calling them-- we all try to do that. It will take way too long and you will probably forget someone. The first thing you need to do when you realize it's not happening is sit down and make a list of everyone you need to call. For us, we try our best to be accommodating to those that need a change. We get couples who need to change their dates on their whiskey barrel guest book pretty often. It happens. Which is why we offer expedited processing and remakes for a steep discount rate of $89 (including shipping). That's over $100 off the price of a completely new one. We get that things happen and hope to offer a solution that helps when there are changes that need to be made. If you need to have something redone, please contact us and let us know ASAP. how to postpone a wedding

4. Sit Down with your Significant Other and Make a Plan

So long as you are safe (i.e. a hurricane is not heading your direction), it's time to sit back and do some planning. Sit down with your partner (if they aren't the reason you are canceling/postponing things) and sort it out. If you are postponing, plan out your best possible scenario. What day would you like to postpone it to? What needs to be accomplished before you are ready to move on with it? What days are available at your venue? Are there alternative venues?

5. If You're Cancelling, Try and Get Those Payments & Wedding Deposits Back

If you are canceling, it's time to get your money back. Your deposits are likely long lost (although don't discount them right away: despite the strict text, some companies will refund your deposit if you ask-- don't be afraid to ask!) but any other payments should be refundable. Make sure to follow up with each of your vendors in turn, offer your sincerest apologies, and remind them that you'll seek them out in the future should the situation change. After all, if you picked them the first time, you will probably pick them again.

6. Let Your Guests Know

This one might be the most difficult: Grandma may just be heartbroken to know that you and your partner aren't going to work out. For a postponement, it may mean rebooking flights and hotels. But it's better to let everyone know as soon as possible so that they can change plans ASAP and attempt to reorganize their schedules. WhiskeyMade


WhiskeyMade works with all couples affected by postponements

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