Top 5 Unique Whiskey Themed Holiday Gifts for Whiskey Lovers in 2021

Shopping during the holidays is difficult for everyone, and for whiskey lovers, it can be an even bigger challenge. Whether you’re looking for the in-laws who are hard to know what to buy, the person who has everything, or a White Elephant gift exchange, we’re sure that these selections will impress your bourbon whiskey loving loved ones and acquaintances just the same. ‘Tis the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean your gifts need to be put away once the season is over like the rest of our decorations. These top unique holiday gift picks will be loved year-round:

Personalized City Map Barrel Head - $189.00> Looking for a home-grown gift that will be loved for years? A reclaimed barrel head is treated and hand-crafted to be a rustic canvas for the city of your choice. Perfect for family members who have moved away from their hometown, a housewarming holiday gift for friends, or even a heartfelt couple’s gift of the city they married in. The laser engraving is flawless and looks sharp against the intricate grain of your unique barrel head.

Tweed Pocket Whiskey Water Dropper - starting at $77.41> What makes this gift unique is that it looks daunting, but is actually very simple to use. Many whiskey drinkers will recognize what this item is used for, while others may have no clue. The water dropper simply provides the whiskey tasting experience to be enhanced by adding a few drops of water to open up the flavor. The tweed pocket holder is a classy touch that all will love carrying.

Bourbon Barrel Floating Hex Shelves - starting at $89.00> Modest in appearance, but eye-catching in design, our geometric shelves add a unique flair to any home. Young and old alike will enjoy placing the shelves in their preferred pattern, and what better way to display your kid’s new toys from the holidays? From the Winter holidays to the Summer season, these modern floating shelves fit every style and decor.

Cocktail Smoking Kit - $59.00> This is the gift that no one will be expecting, but everyone will wish they had once they see it! Enthusiasts and veterans alike will be enjoying their own smoking kit, complete with a flush designed smoking tray to enhance your drink with authentic bourbon flavors. The groove is delicately cut to accommodate all rim sizes and widths to ensure the kit is well loved by every person who receives it (and we won’t tell if you buy a second kit for yourself).

The Original Whisker Dam - Starts at $20.00> While this may seem like a silly gift, its users swear by the product and love using it! Imagine never having to worry about your moustache finding its way into your coffee or whiskey. The Whisker Dam was created to make that a reality. This is perfect for friends, family, and aspiring moustache growers of all ages! It’s made from 100% copper with a non-toxic barrier making it safe for everyone.
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