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Make Your Own Whiskey Advent Calendar

If you're anything like us, you don't want to wait until Christmas Day to unwrap that bottle of whiskey you've been eying, but you know you probably should. Why bother? They say that hunger is the best sauce, but is it worth it? Nah. And should you go out and buy a whiskey calendar? They are out there. But are the worth the money when you can just Pinterest it yourself? Indulge early and often by constructing an Advent Calendar and split up that whiskey for a December-long romance with your new favorite bottle. Here's how to do it without breaking the bank:

1. Pick your whiskey

whiskey advent calendar This advent calendar is available on Etsy from Cisforcardboard
This is going to inform the rest of your project. Want to divy up a full bottle to be enjoyed every day? Or do you want to try a bunch of different whiskeys? Can you find all the ones you want in airplane bottles? Don't just look at your local liquor or package store; try online as well. Think about what is really going to put you into the holiday spirit and go with that. And don't be afraid to spend a little cash. Treat yourself!

2. Decide on your construction

I recently saw a whiskey advent calendar that was made of Christmas tree ornaments. You can make your own alright by buying plastic or glass baubles from Michaels' or your local craft store. Or, if you want to be lazy, just hot glue some ribbons around your little airplane bottles and put a festive number around each one to denote when it should be consumed. If you want to get crazy, use a cardboard box and make little compartments. You can do this by making waffle-style slats in additional pieces of cardboard. Get creative with how you decorate the doors-- or, for a real treat, wrap each one in wrapping paper for that additional animal joy of tearing into a little gift every night. And if you want to get really, really crazy (and you are particularly handy with a hammer and nails), consider making a reusable wooden one and incorporating a whiskey barrel head. If you do that, send us a picture to brag about how awesome you are. Seriously.

3. Wait patiently

The worst thing about advent calendars is that you aren't supposed to drink them all in one night. If you do... well, that's on you, and we here at WhiskeyMade can't really say we blame you. Whenever you drink it, make sure to enjoy it.
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