Giveaway: Win a Kentucky Bourbon Belt Logo Engraved Barrel Head

Giveaway: Win a Kentucky Bourbon Belt Logo Engraved Barrel Head

With an astounding concentration of America's finest bourbon distilleries like Maker's Mark, Four Roses, Jim Beam, and Bulleit Bourbon, The Kentucky Bourbon Belt a whiskey lover's mecca. We're pretty keen to point out that Kentucky is the Napa Valley of Whiskey, but really it would be more accurate to say that Napa Valley is the Kentucky Bourbon Trail of Wine.

There are three levels of Kentucky bourbon fandom:

1: You have a bottle or two of Kentucky bourbon on the shelf at home

2: You've been to a distillery or two on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to drink the good stuff right from the source

3: You have an actual distillery-used barrel head hanging on your wall

We're here to bring you to level 3. One lucky bourbon fan will win one of our real distillery barrel heads engraved with their favorite distillery logo and any text they'd like.

Our barrel heads

Our bourbon barrel heads come to our Rineyville, KY engraving studio straight from the nearby distilleries, where they've just been retired from the (several years long) high calling of distilling a batch of delicious Kentucky gold. They're all 100% American White Oak, which (as a hard and fast rule) is one of the elements of the distilling process that makes bourbon bourbon. We sand the charred side only slightly, to remove some flaky soot and residue, but keeping the delicious aroma. The reverse side is planed new and engraved with your favorite distilleries logo and the text of your choice.

Our new distillery logo designs

We're adding some new designs to our template collection, and think they'll look awesome on your wall. So, naturally, we're giving one away! Here's a look at our logo engraved barrel heads. Enter below:
We currently offer engraved barrel heads from all the Bourbon Belt distilleries. Shop Distillery Barrel Heads
Custom Distillery Barrel Head Givaway
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