Engraved Whiskey Barrelhead Giveaway

Engraved Whiskey Barrelhead Giveaway

For the past several months, we've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the chance to personalize your very own piece of the American Bourbon Belt. Now that we're ready to roll out our new shop, what better way to kick things off than to give away a FREE custom whiskey barrel head? Just imagine all of the problems your new barrel head could solve:
  • Christmas shopping for your whiskey-loving dad could be done EARLY for once.
  • Have a wedding coming up? No one will see this 'guest book' coming.
  • Have a circular blank spot on your wall that's about the size of a whiskey barrel? We know where you can WIN the PERFECT THING!
  • Always wanted play disc golf with a wooden disc? KEEP LOOKING - these are much too nice to toss around.
All of our whiskey barrel heads have been hand-selected from barrels that previously aged one of two Amazing American whiskeys (with more to come): Maker's Mark or Jim Beam. Each 100% oak barrel top bears the marks of its maker, including one charred side and stamps identifying the batch and distillery. We offer the option of leaving the char and production stamps on the barrels, or having them sanded down to provide a clean palette for your design. One winner will receive one personalized whiskey barrel head, which includes the choice of all of our standard customization options. Want to Create a Custom Barrel Head now? Click Here and let us mock one up for you... BUILD YOUR BARREL HEAD

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Custom Bourbon Barrel Head Giveaway
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