Bury the Bottle: A Southern Sipping Tradition

Bury the Bottle: A Southern Sipping Tradition

For couples planning a wedding in the South, the weather forecast takes on a whole new level of importance. After all, nobody wants rain dampening their special day. That's where the charming (and slightly boozy) tradition of burying the bottle comes in.

What is Burying the Bottle?

This age-old custom, most popular in the Southeastern United States, involves burying a bottle of bourbon (or another liquor) at the wedding venue exactly one month before the big day. The belief is that this act will appease the weather gods and ensure sunshine on your wedding day.

How to Bury the Bottle:

  • Choose your weapon (of weather warding, that is): While bourbon is the classic choice, some couples opt for whiskey, moonshine, or even sweet tea! Just make sure the bottle is full and sealed tight.
  • Pick your plot: The burial spot should be somewhere special on the wedding venue, like near the ceremony site or under a favorite tree. Avoid areas that will be disturbed during wedding setup.
  • Dig deep, my friend: Bury the bottle upside down, some say about six inches deep. This symbolic gesture traps any potential raindrops within the bottle, keeping them at bay.
  • Raise a toast (later): The buried bottle isn't meant to be forgotten! On the morning of the wedding, the groom traditionally unearths it and shares a celebratory sip with his groomsmen.

Beyond the Booze: The Meaning Behind the Ritual

While the practical aim of sunny skies is undeniable, burying the bottle holds deeper significance. It's a way for couples to connect with the land where they'll tie the knot, acknowledging the earth's power and seeking its blessing for their union. It's also a bonding experience for the soon-to-be-weds, adding a touch of whimsy and tradition to the pre-wedding jitters.

Modern Twists on an Old Tradition

Not all couples are bourbon enthusiasts, and that's okay! The beauty of this tradition lies in its adaptability. Here are some modern takes on burying the bottle:

  • Non-alcoholic alternatives: Fill the bottle with sparkling juice, homemade lemonade, or even a special wedding cocktail mix.
  • Time capsule twist: Include notes to your future selves, mementos from your relationship, or wishes for your married life.
  • Plant a seed, reap sunshine: Instead of liquor, bury a packet of seeds for a flower that symbolizes your love, like sunflowers for happiness or daisies for innocence. Watching it bloom after the wedding adds another layer of joy to the tradition.

Whether you're a die-hard bourbon fan or prefer a teetotal twist, burying the bottle is a fun and meaningful way to add a touch of Southern charm and weather-welcoming wishes to your wedding day. So grab a shovel, choose your potion, and dig into this delightful tradition!


  • Always check with your wedding venue before burying anything on the property.
  • Choose a biodegradable bottle or container to minimize environmental impact.
  • Most importantly, have fun and embrace the spirit of this unique Southern tradition!

I hope this blog post has given you all the dirt (pun intended!) on burying the bottle. Now go forth and spread some sunshine (or at least good vibes) on your wedding day!

Cheers to clear skies and happily ever afters!

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