Bourbon Barrel Serving Bowl – Fruit Bowl

7 Wedding Gifts Made from Whiskey Barrels

Few things in life carry the stress of planning--or planning to attend--a wedding. It’s a non-stop juggling act trying to plan the guests, vendors, venues, decor, and gifts. Thankfully, for the blissfully wedded and soon-to-be-married consummate whiskey enthusiast, gifts abound. Give your nuptials a touch of rustic class with these nine unique products made from reclaimed whiskey barrel heads, staves, and materials.

Barrel Head Guestbook

Make a memory of your special day that’s guaranteed to last. When my husband and I got married, we used a customized barrel head guestbook for our attendees to sign, and it was not only a huge hit, but has become a great reminder of one of our most special days. Durable and eye-catching, these are sure to be as much a pleasing memory as a decorative addition to your home. Better to have the names of your dearest friends and family displayed where you can always see them, rather than tucked away on a dusty bookshelf. Plus, with the optional kit, it can even be modified into a stylish clock.

Wedding Rings (from Rustic and Main)

Diamonds and metals are nice, but if you or the whiskey connoisseur in your life are looking to really make a statement and stand out from the crowd, consider a reclaimed whiskey barrel wedding ring. Hand-crafted from quality, certified master jewelers and treated with water-resistant coatings, nothing beats the warm, dignified appearance of high-quality barrel wood. What better way to symbolize how well a marriage will age than with these comfortable, attractive bands?

Groomsman Package

Don’t leave your wedding party out of the fun when they could be sporting these classy accouterments. Made from the charred interiors of retired bourbon barrels and treated with a long-lasting coating to seal and protect the wood, this set includes a pair of cufflinks, a money clip, and a tie clip for your carefully selected entourage. Whiskey is at its best when shared among good friends, after all.

Half Barrel Overhead Light (from Etsy)

Alright, technically these are made from wine barrels, but if your guests have drunk enough to the point where they’re standing on the counter and smelling your lights, then you’ve already succeeded in throwing a successful reception (or any other sort of gathering, really). A perfect way to complete your own sitting room to enjoy a drink before the big day or to sit in comfort and reminisce. Bonus, the yellow bulbs will make that caramel-colored bourbon glow.

Reclaimed Wood Chess/Checkers Board

If you’re looking for a memorable wedding gift for that combination of whiskey-lover and gamer, it’s hard to find a better centerpiece to enjoy alongside a long night of friendly conversation--or competition--than this rugged, hand-crafted, attention-grabbing, reclaimed wood chessboard. A surefire checkmate for the discerning tastes of that special queen or king. The board can be ordered with hand-crafted matching chess pieces or it can be purchased on its own to pair with your favorite set.

Whiskey Barrel Wood Pens (from The Wood Reserve)

Not all gifts have to be quite so grandiose. These pens, made from the barrels of a favorite brand (your choice!) and featuring a bolt-action clicker are a subtle and elegant way to show off your preferences while still being a practical and useful gift. Great for signing guest books and marriage certificates.

Custom Barrel Head Signs

After a few single malts, no doubt your guests will need a bit of help getting to where they’re going. While your ushers will no doubt be earning their keep, these custom barrel head signs can provide hard-to-miss guidance to your venue, reception, or anywhere else you desire. Crafted from authentic bourbon barrel heads and sealed to protect them from moisture or rot, these attractive signs will be a surefire conversation starter on the way to the event. Just a word of warning from experience: if you’re trying to dissuade your guests from wandering too far from the property, make sure it’s clearly stated, and not just, say, “alligators!” Whiskey makes for curious people, and we all miss our Aunt Kathy dearly.

Bourbon Barrel Stave

We get it: after a few glasses of rye, everyone starts to look a little samey. Cut your guests some slack with this handsome, customized, bourbon barrel stave to help them find you when it comes time for the dancing, the toasts, or the gifts. Engraved with your name, the year, or a custom message, this decorative piece can hold candles, pictures, or anything else you’d prefer to display, and it makes a fantastic shelf liner or wall piece.

Barrel Wood Flight Trays (from Thousand Oaks Barrel Company)

Deliver drinks in style with these reclaimed wood barrel stave flight trays. Ideal for flights of whiskey, beer, or anything else you wish to serve, these trays will make providing sample flights to your guests a breeze. Includes a set of four tasting glasses.

Bourbon Barrel Serving Bowl – Fruit Bowl

Bourbon Barrel Serving Bowl – Fruit Bowl The WhiskeyMade bourbon barrel serving bowl is the ideal compliment to any décor. Hand crafted from the wood of recycled bourbon barrels it can be used as a serving bowl, fruit bowl or centerpiece. Choose from char side or natural side up.

What gifts have you found that would make the perfect wedding gift for your favorite whiskey sommelier?

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