Charred Whiskey Ice Stones

7 Great Gifts for Whiskey Lovers in Your Life

If you’re anything like me, then you understand the anxiety of finding an appropriate gift for that loved one, coworker, friend, or family member in your life. This goes doubly so when said recipient’s main interests happen to be something as nuanced and complex as “whiskey.” Sure, you know they’re a connoisseur, but considering the staggering number of different brands, types, and varieties out there, it feels impossible to simply take a guess and find the best gifts for whiskey lovers. And there’s no telling what their tastes may be. Are they a Jack Daniels sort of drinker? Something more Suntory? Do they like their drinks aged, or peaty, or with a sharp burn? Without knowing their exact preferences, you’re looking at a gamble that could cost anywhere from $30.00 to $150.00... or more! Rather than take the chance, why not pick out something whiskey-adjacent, something original, interesting, and useful that also pays homage to their favorite activity? Let us help out with this list of unique gifts for whiskey lovers. Charred Whiskey Ice Stones Whiskey stones and ice balls (and the molds to make them) have always been a fun addition to any whiskey lover's collection. Few things catch the eye like a perfectly-formed ice ball rolling around a glass or the click of clean-cut stones at the bottom of rye. However, not everyone has the freezer space (or motivation) to allocate to an ice ball mold, and while whiskey stones are nice for not watering down a favorite bourbon, they’re notorious for how briefly they can stay cold, and I know I’m not the only one who’s chipped a glass from one due to a particularly-enthusiastic jostling. Why not try something in the middle? These charred whiskey ice stones are hand-crafted from authentic, recycled bourbon barrels and provide an intriguing way to cool and smooth your beverage. Personalized American Oak Aging Barrel For the more adventurous whiskey lover, why not give a gift that inspires creativity? These personalized aging barrels are crafted from American white oak, and are charred on the inside. There are two ways to use these barrels: Whiskey can simply be stored in these barrels to take on the smokey flavor of the wood charring, or, a favorite whiskey can be left to soak into the wood so that its flavor is imparted to other spirits added later, allowing unique and interesting blends or unique creations. One of the best gifts I was ever given was one of these, and not only is the charred flavor it adds a great way to spice up a liquor of any quality, it also made for an excellent bourbon-infused mead! Barrel Stave Bottle Opener When looking for the ultimate practical gift to add to any household, it’s hard to go wrong with a bottle opener. For someone with an appreciation for all things whiskey, why not one of these barrel stave bottle openers? Hand-crafted from recycled bourbon barrels, these eye-catching bottle openers would be the perfect addition to anyone’s home bar (or just their kitchen!), from every type of decor from a dimly lit, smokey hole-in-the-wall to a bright, woody, rustic watering hole. Recycled from whiskey distilleries along Kentucky’s world-renowned Bourbon Trail, these bottle openers can also be personalized with a short message or name. Globe Liquor Decanter
Globe Whiskey Decanter Globe Whiskey Decanter
I’ll let you in on a secret about whiskey fans, every now and then, when drinking a particularly-good whiskey, in a particularly-good glass, on a particularly-good day... we all imagine ourselves to be either detectives, billionaires, spies, or super villains. Trust me on this one. There’s something about the experience of enjoying a good whiskey that inspires the imagination. One great way to really kick up this aesthetic is through a beautiful, creative whiskey decanter. With whiskey, presentation is half the fun, and what better way to add to that then storing a favorite drink in a glass globe? Whiskey is already a particularly cosmopolitan hobby, and a decanter such as this one is a great way to admire the golden glow of a favorite blend while planning where to build the next volcano lair. Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Head Lazy Susan Spice up a table with this handy, beautifully rustic lazy Susan, hand-crafted entirely from barrel tops straight from the distillery. Each piece features charring on the underside, and the batch markings from the distillery printed on top, and is mounted on a sturdy, 1000lbs rated ball bearing rotation system, ensuring that it will handle any heavy bottles, dishes, or inappropriately-placed dogs with a smooth, comfortable motion. A perfect addition to any dining room, bar, or any other place that could use a convenient and rustic touch. Kimura Whiskey Glasses When you’re talking about cool gifts for whiskey lovers, it is hard to find something as respected, coveted, or appreciated as a whiskey glass from Kimura. Hand-crafted by artisans in Tokyo, Japan, these unique and utterly-gorgeous glasses are the envy of any serious whiskey lover, given the high-quality glass and craftsmanship. Take my word for it... just watch any whiskey fan’s eyes light up when they open a box of these peerless glasses. No glass lets you appreciate the scent, color, or oils quite so well. Personalized Whiskey Bar Tray Set I’ve always lived by the adage that whiskey is an experience best shared with good people, and you’ll find that most whiskey lovers would agree. When picking out interesting and useful whiskey gifts for whiskey lovers, you’ll be hard-pressed to pick out something more attractive, interesting, or handy than this personalized whiskey bar tray set. Featuring a bottle decanter, two 10oz tumblers, and of course a personalizable serving tray carved to sit the glasses and decanter, this set makes a great addition to any household. Plus, like all WhiskeyMade products, it’s hand-crafted from recycled bourbon barrel wood and sealed to protect it from moisture and warping. Customize it with a message, quote, or even a unique design to make it special! Picking out a great whiskey is a challenging prospect, but picking out cool gifts for whiskey drinkers doesn’t have to be. If these ideas don’t tickle your fancy, there are a world of cool gift ideas and products out there! Whiskey-scented soaps? Sure! Decanters that can be personalized into the image of your dog? Probably not, I just made that up, but maybe! What kind of awesome whiskey-themed gifts have you come across in your search? We’d love to hear about it! What have you given to your favorite whiskey fan?
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