7 Best Whiskey-Themed Gifts for Groomsmen

7 Best Whiskey-Themed Gifts for Groomsmen

Planning a wedding can be like trying to coax a cat into a bathtub with a broom: it’s complex, mentally and physically draining, will likely end up flooding your bathroom, and often leaves you thinking that there must have been an easier way to accomplish your task. Amidst the maelstrom of coordinating vendors, planning decor, picking out the food, ensuring your venue isn’t built on a cursed burial ground, making sure the officiant remembers your names, and other sources of high-octane madness, it’s easy to to overlook (or just overthink) some of the most important parts of your special day... namely, your wedding party. We get it. It’s a lot to juggle. Not only are you trying to plan the perfect celebration, but you also have to pick the perfect gifts for those awesome people in your life who have set aside time to support you on your big day. Who wouldn’t want to make sure they come away feeling just as special as you and your spouse? During the planning of my own wedding, we must have looked at a hundred potential gifts for the wedding party to find the perfect combination of practical, useful, and memorable. Thankfully, making a splash with your carefully chosen groomsmen doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Show your groomsmen how much you appreciate them with these elegant, whiskey-themed gifts for groomsmen.

Whiskey-Themed Gifts for Groomsmen

Custom Wedding Party Flask

Custom Engraved Wedding Party Flask If whiskey is meant to be shared among friends, what better way to do so than by ensuring your groomsmen have easy access to their own supply? Practical, stylish, reusable, and able to be customized with your names or designs, these flip-top glass flasks are the ideal starter gift. Plus, you save money on larger orders, which is handy if you have an unusually-large wedding party like my husband and I did.

Personalized Heavy-Based Whiskey Glasses

Personalized Heavy-Based Whiskey Glasses - Perfect gifts for groomsmen Any connoisseur knows that whiskey is more than just a drink, it’s an experience. The deep colors, the oils on the glass, the heady, warm scent of a favorite blend or single malt... all of these elements are essential to full enjoyment. A good glass, like these personalized glasses from The Man Registry, can show off and enhance any beverage, and the engravable initial will remind your groomsmen of a day they won’t forget.

Recycled Wood Whiskey Barrel Ice Stones

Charred Whiskey Ice Stones Made from Recycled Bourbon Barrels Some whiskeys are better neat, and some are better at room temperature but for those that are rougher or carry a burn, a bit of ice can smooth out the experience. Contemporary or experimental takes on whiskey rocks are often large, unwieldy balls of ice that might not be convenient, or actual stones that can scratch or chip an expensive glass. For a more unique gift, consider these wooden whiskey stones, made from 100% American oak recycled from actual bourbon barrels. An eye-catching addition to any glass of bourbon, these reusable, hollow, wooden cubes can be filled and frozen to help enhance or mellow your drink. Sealed and treated to prevent any warping or swelling from moisture.

Gentleman’s Recycled Bourbon Barrel Gift Set (Tie Clip, Cuff Links, Money Clip)

Gentleman’s Recycled Bourbon Barrel Gift Set (Tie Clip, Cuff Links, Money Clip) For the big day in question, outfit your groomsmen with this rustic, stylish, unparalleled gift for groomsmen. Sporting a handsome, classy appearance, these accouterments are hand-crafted from actual recycled bourbon barrels and are sealed to prevent soot stains. Includes a money clip, cufflinks, and a tie clip that are sure to turn heads and spark conversation. As a bonus, the aforementioned recycled wood whiskey stones and this gift set come in a discounted set, just in case you want to be absolutely certain they know how special they are. We bought our groomsmen individually wrapped gumballs and they tried to set our house on fire.

Whiskey Playing Cards - Kickstarter

Whiskey Playing Cards - Kickstarter - Gifts for groomsmen Nothing could possibly spruce up a friendly game of poker between you and your groomsmen like a quality bottle of your favorite whiskey, except, perhaps, these elegant, whiskey-themed playing card sets. A Kickstarter campaign that concluded this year April, and produced by Curious Cask, produced these unique and utterly enchanting decks each themed after the various elements and styles that make up whiskey. Gift one to your groomsmen to match the part of you they best represent, or get them all three for any occasion. These high-quality, foil-stamped, embossed cards will enhance each and every hand... especially after a few glasses of your favorite bourbon.

Barrel Stave Bottle Opener

Barrel Stave Bottle Opener For the more practical of gifts, it’s hard to go wrong with a good bottle opener. However, we’re here to talk about unique, interesting, and eye-catching gifts that convey our shared love of all things whiskey, so how do you take a gift as common and unsurprising as a bottle opener and make it something worthy of attention? Well, you can start by hand-crafting it out of recycled American oak, specifically from aging barrels, leaving it with a beautiful, rustic finish.

Bourbon Barrel Coaster & Bottle Opener Combo

Bourbon Barrel Coaster & Bottle Opener Combo Piggybacking on the prior suggestion, these combination bottle openers and coasters make for a more multi-purpose gift. Crafted from the same high-quality, authentic, 100% recycled, bourbon-barrel oak as many of WhiskeyMade’s products, this 4 piece collection is another great idea for a rustic, whiskey-themed gift for your wedding entourage. Each one is treated and sealed to protect from soot and warping for a long-lasting, attractive, and handy addition to any home bar. Planning a wedding is hard enough without having to worry about pleasing the people who should (emphasis on should) be causing you the least amount of stress. Instead of sweating over whether to get the usual engraved pocket watch, knife, or $10 gift card to Applebees, make the easy choice. Pick something that reminds you all of one of life’s finest pleasures: enjoying a delicious glass of whiskey with the people who will forever be a part of one of the biggest days of your life. What other whiskey-centric gifts can you think of for all the soon-to-be groomsmen out there? Let us know in the comments!
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