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6 Great Ideas for Custom Wedding Whiskey Guestbooks

We love all of the designs coming out of our whiskey wedding customizer page, but just in case you missed it, we also offer free design service for customizing whatever design you'd like. Literally anything! What are you into? Most likely, we can incorporate it into your personal design that no one else on the planet will have. After sourcing our barrel heads from Kentucky whiskey distilleries and honing our engraving skills, we're now offering our design skills to anyone who wants them. Once you have a design element in mind, just send us a message and we'll work with you one on one until it's perfect. If you aren't quite sure, sometimes it helps to take a stroll through some of our previous designs, which is what you're about to look at if you scroll down a bit - a few examples of the work we've done, broken down into trends we're seeing lately. So, what'll it be?

Your Own Brand

We think the idea to add your family's crest or brand to your barrel head is brilliant, especially because the technique we use to engrave leaves the wood literally burnt, which gives it a completely branded feel. Several couples that didn't have a brand or crest opted instead to go for a monogram look, which can be created or found online and looks amazing as the centerpiece of your design.

For the Hunters

Everyone knows the couple that hunts together stays together, and that hunters throw the best parties, so it's no surprise that camo loving couples with rustic style love to show it off. If hunting is something you both enjoy, or if it's in your blood, or if you just really like deer, grab some inspo from these designs we've done for couples in the past, or send us an idea for something brand new. Leave the hunting for the woods - you've found your guestbook, and we'll help you make it perfect.

Whiskey Logo

One question we ask when a couple approaches us wanting something custom (but not sure what...) is: "What's your favorite whiskey?" We love making designs inspired by whiskey brands, and a few that we've made in the past have become a part of our template lineup that you can use to DIY your own design on our site. So far, we've done whiskeys from Jack Daniel to Maker's Mark to Jameson, but there are a ton of beautiful whiskey logos out there begging to be customized. These look fantastic hanging at home as your very own personally branded mementos of your big day.

Be Minimal

Sometimes simple is best, especially when it comes to weddings. Many of our couples go for designs that include only one or two details, which, as designers, make us really appreciate the challenge of finding the perfect font. If you'd like to use just your monogram or logo, that's also a great way to keep it simple. Think of what's most important and that one thing can be beautiful all on its own.

Inspired by Nature

Many times when couples aren't sure what to include in their design, we'll ask to see the invite so we have an idea of their taste and the wedding decor. Usually, these invites feature leaves or flowers, and we love taking that as inspiration for creating designs and text frames for our barrel heads. A few of our favorite floral designs have become standard customizeable templates, but we're always looking for new ideas. Palm leaves, succulents, flowers, and olive branches are just a few motifs we've tried.
Authentic Barrel Head Guestbooks for an Authentic Rustic Wedding Experience

Sourced from distilleries in the Bourbon Belt, KY. We re-purpose these one-of-a-kind barrel heads into unique display pieces for your wedding and for your wall. Each Guestbook is planed, sanded smooth and coated with a fixative to hold your signatures. Then we laser engrave your design, permanently burning it into the wood. Comes with a sturdy 19" wood backing board and everything you need to hang it up on your wall after its been signed. We even include a Sharpie! Use our builder tool to add your own details and customize however you want.

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