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5 Clever rustic fall wedding ideas (that don't involve pumpkins!)

Alright fall lovers, you've suffered through all of summer just for this moment - sweater weather. Finally. And if you're a fan of all things fall who also happens to be engaged, well - we bet your rustic fall wedding feeds are awash in leaves, and hay bales, and mason jars. Don't get us wrong, we love those things too (shout out to our custom engraved mason jars!) - but let's see if we can't find a few other ideas for fall wedding decor.

Rustic Fall Wedding Idea: Blankets!

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We love the idea of providing a little bit of cozy softness for your guests, especially if your ceremony or reception are outside. Take this idea a little farther and provide matching scarves for photos. Plain blankets are usually pretty inexpensive, but you can also purchase yards of fleece in your wedding colors at the fabric store to make them picture perfect.

Rustic Fall Wedding Idea: Real Whiskey Barrel Guestbook

Rustic fall wedding We had to throw our hat in the ring! We love what's been coming out of our custom barrel head shop lately. One of our favorite things is to take a wedding theme and make it into a beautifully engraved heirloom to display after the wedding. We've had several hunting and deer related requests lately, so a theme seems to be emerging. What would you like engraved? Just message us to use our free design service. A few other popular design trends lately have been floral and leaves (especially palm leaves), dogs and dog paws, and custom whiskey logo inspired designs.

Want to try our DIY barrel head design page?

Rustic Fall Wedding Idea: Campfire Reception

Rustic fall wedding Can you imagine how perfect a casual campfire reception would be? Roasting marshmallows, drinking cocktails and beer, munching on campfire food for dinner, maybe even serving barbeque - honestly we're surprised this hasn't been a trend forever. There's something about fire that stirs the soul, and you would only bring those closest to you to the fireside, so getting cozy outdoors just makes sense. Rustic fall wedding Having an indoor reception? No problem - you can still mimic the warm cozy feel of the campfire indoors with candles or lights surrounded by a circle of comfy chairs and blankets. Setting up a conversation area in the reception area will help guests connect and relax, and will be a great spot to take a break when you need to get off your feet and slow down.

Rustic Fall Wedding Idea: Wedding Cake with Hidden Plaid!

Rustic fall wedding Apparently plaid wedding cakes have gone viral in the past, but we must say that this trend is new to us and WE ARE ALL ABOUT IT. You can still have your beautiful wedding cake, but no one will know about the personal buffalo plaid touch you added to the inside until you cut it. You could do this pattern with traditional red and black plaid, or mix it up to match your wedding colors - and we hear it's much easier than it looks! For the authoritative instructions on how to make this awesome cake, check out

Rustic Fall Wedding Idea: Hot Chocolate Bar

Before guests get into the bar bar, consider giving them a little something to get a fall vibe going and warm them up before the ceremony or even during the reception. This idea is brilliant because you can keep it simple - just the cocoa - or make it fancy by making it into a hot chocolate bar with different flavors to stir in. Consider adding coffee to the bar, and making the mugs your wedding favors. Love it!! Rustic fall wedding

The best piece of rustic wedding decor

A great way to make your rustic wedding any style you want with custom engraving. Get started with our customizer, or let us know if you'd like us to help you design your unique bourbon barrel head guestbook. Once you choose your design, we'll burn it into your wood so your piece is a natural piece of both whiskey history and your family's story. Shop Rustic Whiskey Guestbooks
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