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4 Rustic Whiskey Wedding Bar Ideas

If you're here, and you're planning a wedding, we'll go ahead and guess that you aren't planning on throwing a dry wedding. And of course, you being you, you're not just going to put some bottles of booze on a table and call it good. You're going create a rustic wedding bar that'll make them talk. Let's take a look at all the wedding bar trends that have been floating around lately - and definitely let us know which one you love.

The Whiskey Mobile

The bar on wheels is a trend we can certainly get behind. A lot of roaming bartender services have been popping up all over these days, and there are a ton of whimsical, classic, or rustic styles of vehicle to choose from. One trend making the rounds is DIY converted horse trailer bars, which makes a ton of sense since they are tall enough to walk up to, and not as pricey as buying a whole camper or food truck. One of the best reasons to rent a food truck style bar complete with bartending staff, however, is how easily it just rolls into the party and makes people happy!

The Whiskey Barrel Bar

Obviously we're partial to this one. There's just something about barrels and flowers that go so well together and set the rustic chic vibe so perfectly. You can purchase full barrels online, or if you're local to Kentucky or another distilling region, you may be able to locate a cooperate that will sell you a barrel or two. You can also rent barrels just for the day - check out our party rental recs here.

The Repurposed Antique Furniture Bar

If you're going for shabby chic, a furniture bar may be the way to go. This is such a fun flip on the classic bar - think of anything with a flat surface that normally belongs inside - put it outside, put some drinks and flowers on it, and there you have it!

The Wood Pallet Wedding Bar

Easy to find, super functional, and classically rustic - it's tough to go wrong when you're using pallets as part of your country style wedding decor. They're fantastic for pulling apart to use as building material, or just on their own. The gaps between the slats are the perfect size for tucking flowers, or adding hooks. Bonus - they're usually free if you know where to look! You do want to be careful with making anything for inside your home with wood pallets as they're sometimes treated with chemicals. Do a little Googling on pallet safety if you're concerned - many pallets are totally safe to use.

The best piece of rustic wedding decor

A great way to make your rustic wedding any style you want with custom engraving. Get started with our customizer, or let us know if you'd like us to help you design your unique bourbon barrel head guestbook. Once you choose your design, we'll burn it into your wood so your piece is a natural piece of both whiskey history and your family's story. Shop Rustic Whiskey Guestbooks
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