20 Memorable Wedding Sayings for your Whiskey Wedding Guestbook

20 Memorable Wedding Sayings for your Whiskey Wedding Guestbook

We here at WhiskeyMade love weddings. Drinks all around! If you are looking at a wedding with a Bourbon Belt feel, or even if you want to go rustic, we have the best decor idea. And no, let me stop you before you crawl over the fence behind your local Walmart. It doesn't involve pallets. We're over pallets. Totally over them. What we have is so much better. Reclaimed barrel heads! We've been selling these barrel heads for a long time, but what not everyone knows is that we sell them untouched just as we sell them with customization. If you need something silly, mushy, sassy, boozy, in memorium, or otherwise on a barrel head, we can do it. But if you want to do it yourself because you are feeling particularly artsy (looking at you, our little DIYers), we have some ideas that might help. Wedding Sayings

Here are twenty cute and sassy slogans for you to display on your wedding day:

For the brewers/distillers...

  1. "Eat, drink, be married!"
  2. "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed." Perfect for a homebrewer's wedding!
  3. "Love is brewing!"
  4. "Hoppily ever after."
  5. "Trust me, you can dance. -- Alcohol"

For the mushy ones...

  1. "Welcome to our forever."
  2. "How sweet it is..."
  3. "In loving memory..." Many married couples choose to honor loved ones who have passed on at their wedding.
  4. "Vows Here -->, <-- Party There, "Love Everywhere."
  5. "Together is a beautiful place to be." Mushy, dreamy, and to the point. As perfect as your wedding should be.
Wedding Sayings

For those in need of direction...

  1. "Together forever, sit wherever." A lot of weddings enforce a strict seating arrangement. If that's not your style, let your guests know! We're all family now.
  2. "Oh snap! Here's our hashtag. #GarnetWedding 2017" or whatever your wedding hashtag is. Because yes, every wedding needs one.
  3. "Happily ever after starts here." For the garden, sanctuary, backyard, beach, etc where your wedding takes place.
  4. "Get smitten, not bitten." Lots of outdoor weddings call for lots of unwanted outdoor guests. If you're providing bugspray to your best peeps, let them know with a handy sign.
  5. "Thank you." What else is there to say? Sit this one right by your gift pile, or at the exit of your wedding so your guests will get the picture.
Wedding Sayings

For those who are getting sassy...

  1. "Now that's the spirit." This one is ideal for hanging right over your open bar.
  2. "No great story ever started with salad." For the bar.
  3. "Till death do us party."
  4. "The hangover will only last a day. The memories will last a lifetime. Maybe."
  5. "No longer living in sin."
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