In our line of work, we see LOTS of different wedding styles, and by far our favorite style is the rustic whiskey wedding. Rustic is, of course, country style – but let’s not confuse things – just because something is country, doesn’t mean it can’t be sophisticated, elegant, and beautifully simple. There are so many types of “rustic” that in our opinion, it’s the most versatile style of all.

Let’s talk about the different ways you can go rustic:

Minimalist Rustic Wedding

Being minimalist is all about using negative space to create balance and make the important things stand out (mainly YOU!) This means that there are less choices to make, and that the venues are clean and inviting, but also that those choices count.

Tips for going minimalist rustic:

Rather than having all barnboard decor, consider having mostly white decor with natural wood accents.

Tips for going minimalist rustic:

  • Lots of white (creates a very clean feeling)
  • Natural colored accents – wood and muted greens
  • Restrained pops of color (darker flowers, for example)

Ways of incorporating whiskey:

  • Keep your whiskey bar clean, classy, and inviting by offering just one type of bourbon (Whiskey bottles are beautifully minimal) and a signature cocktail
  • Bring in the  natural wood element with a bourbon barrel head engraved with a minimal engraving design (let us help! We have lots of ideas!)
  • Pour your favorite bourbon into plain flip top mini-bottles as your wedding favors

Shabby Chic Rustic Wedding

Shabby Chic is a romantic mix of textures and muted pastels. The blending of styles is the signature of a shabby chic decor style, which means it incorporates a rustic quality naturally without compromising more elegant and whimsical elements, like the fun chandelier in the pic below.

When going shabby chic, think vintage – even if something is new, we want it to look a bit aged. Every piece has a very timeless heirloom quality. It’s also described as “cottage style,” which means adding shabby chic decor to a wedding creates a very cozy, relaxed, vacation-y feel.

Tips for going shabby chic rustic:

  • Choose a palette of pastels like sky blue, dusty rose, sage green, and beige linen.
  • Mix and match textures – think a fringed shawl as a tablecloth under fancy French rococo style lighting or candleholders
  • Incorporate natural elements into your decor with wood accents – think branches and live edge wood.
  • To balance the delicate femininity of the pastels with a bit of masculine decor, add pops of darker colors like navy and go heavier on the natural rustic elements

Ways to incorporate whiskey:

  • Use mismatched styles of containers for several different types of house cocktails or punches along with a few options of whiskey. Choose few cocktails that will be pastel in color. Use differently textured and patterned (but complementary) cloths on the whiskey bar and on the tables.
  • Choose mismatched glassware for your bar

Order your whiskey barrel head guestbook with a vintage design – think old timey labels or crates for your style inspiration. Let us help!

Bohemian Rustic Wedding

Where shabby chic is flowery and romantic, bohemian is quirky and fun. It can still be romantic, of course, but think macrame instead of lace. Boho rustic also has a travel vibe, but with brighter and bolder colors and textures. Where shabby chic is relaxed, boho is energetic.

To be bohemian is to be flowy, artistic, and delightfully unexpected.

Tips for creating a Boho Rustic Wedding:

  • Keep it flowy! Have fun with light, airy fabrics and homespun textures like the macrame table runner to the right.
  • Have fun with colors – chose a palette with bright, complementary tones
  • Use flowers in fun, unexpected ways – create flower crowns for bridesmaids, bright wildflower centerpieces, or wildflower boutonnieres for groomsmen.
  • Don’t be afraid of mismatched tableware or decor – be eclectic!
  • Include natural wood and plant elements to bring in a rustic, grounded feel

Ideas for adding whiskey:

  • Use colorful table linens and bottles on your whiskey bar
  • Choose a flowery whiskey cocktail for your signature drink, garnish with (edible) wildflowers
  • Add natural wood with a barrel head guestbook engraved with a flowy, scripty design

Country Style Rustic

The original rustic style – country-fied! When we hear this we think boots, hay bales, and cowboy hats – but you can definitely make your country style as extreme or subtle as you like. Whether it’s timeless vintage country or over the top electric country (or anywhere in between), make it yours!

A few ways to make a rustic country style wedding:

  • Wear cowboy boots! But what if you’d rather not wear boots? Try some strappy leather sandals or glamorous heels
  • Add some denim or plaid at the reception (or even the ceremony!)
  • Throw a leather belt or button down shirt on over the bride’s dress for a few of the photos
  • Consider jeans for the groom or groomsmen
  • Incorporate lots of barnboard style natural wood elements
  • Use lots of jute/burlap
  • Have fun and add personal touches to classic country style elements like jam jars and hay bales

How to incorporate whiskey into your rustic country wedding:

  • A whiskey bar is a must! Use your favorite cowboy style whiskey and serve your signature cocktail in jam jars
  • Whiskey excels even more than normal in a country theme, so have fun with it. Use a whiskey label inspired invite design (which you can repeat on  your whiskey barrel head guestbook!)
  • Use whiskey not only in your bar but also in your food and in your centerpieces (and give out mini bottles as favors)

Modern Rustic

This may seem like an oxymoron, but yes – rustic can also be modern! Just keep lines simple, shapes geometrical, and design elements clean and raw. Incorporate natural wood elements to keep it rustic, but bring in metals, simple glass, cement grey, and white with restrained pops of color to create a very classy and refreshing experience for you and your guests.

How to create a modern rustic wedding:

  • Bring accents of modern metal, cement, and glass to a natural woodsy setting
  • Use simple, clean white as much as possible on chairs and tables
  • Express your modern style especially in clothing choices with bride, groom and wedding party in modern suits and dresses
  • Incorporate brass and copper colors in your centerpieces combined with white and muted florals and greenery.
how to have a rustic whiskey wedding - whiskeymade

via Burke Decor

How to incorporate whiskey into your modern rustic wedding:

  • A whiskey bar is a great opportunity to incorporate modern design elements with a few great glass decanters and modern whiskey cocktails. Try a rustic take on a very modern drink by making your signature cocktail a Manhattan with bourbon instead of rye.
  • Choose a modern, streamlined design for your bourbon barrel head guestbook

Rustic Beach Wedding

There are a lot of different ways to do a rustic beach wedding, but in general beach style will use natural, weatherworn wood and green blue ocean tones. Think flowy white fabrics and tan linen.

A few great rustic beach wedding elements:

The natural elements for a beach wedding will be different than a woodsy wedding – think manzanita branches and sand with candles and romantic string lights.

how to have a rustic whiskey wedding - whiskeymade

Kentucky Buck via Saveur

Great colors for a beach style wedding would be teal and sage, or other cooler colors. Try adding a bright contrasting sunset color (like red, orange, or fuscha) for a few tasteful accents.

Ways to add whiskey to your beach wedding:

  • Choose a signature cocktail that’s romantic and refreshing like a Kentucky Buck.
  • Use a classic beachy rustic design for your barrel head guestbook