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Rustic Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Made from recycled Bourbon Barrels

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Heart – Wedding Guest Book Alternative made from Recycled Bourbon Barrel


(18 customer reviews)

The most recognizable symbol in the world. This heart engraved guest book has beautiful styling and will become your first family heirloom. WhiskeyMade guest books are hand crafted using recycled bourbon barrels. Featuring your personalized design – laser engraved into the wood. Big and sturdy at 21″ in diameter and 1.5″ thick, they come with hanging hardware, and feature your personalized design, laser engraved into the wood. You can even turn them into a Lazy Susan, Clock or Table with our add-ons.



  • Laser engraved to last a lifetime – No paint or decals.
  • Real Bourbon Barrels – Not reproductions or new builds.  These actually were used to age delicious bourbon!
  • Sanded flat and sealed – Perfect for signatures.
  • Wood backing board with staples to keep it all in line – No flimsy glue to deteiorate.
  • Hanging Hardware Included – Hang it on your wall to display forever.
  • Fast Production & Delivery – Let us know if you need RUSH service.
  • WhiskeyMade quality – Produced and engraved all in our shop by quality artisans.


If you need help designing or building your barrel, CLICK HERE.  We love to help!!

Add to your Guestbook

Clock Add-On

Turn your barrel head into a clock! Includes machining to the barrel to accept clock components, hands, movement, and all hardware.

Lazy Susan Add-On

Make your Barrelhead a centerpiece!  Display it on a countertop or table with this lazy susan turntable.  We add a 1000lb turntable and mount it to the underside.

Table Add-on

Form and function. Make your personalized barrel head an end table. Comes with pre-drilled holes and hardware for easy assembly and 3 x 16" legs.

Product Description

Comes with:

  • Custom Engraved Barrel Head – designed by you!
  • Hanging hardware to display it on your wall.
  • A Sharpie for signatures!
  • Any optional upgrades you selected – lazy susan, clock kit, or serving tray

Here’s how it works:

  • We reclaim a prime barrel head from a genuine, distillery used bourbon barrel.
  • We clean, dry, and sand it down until it’s bright and smooth – perfect for signatures.
  • We laser engrave your custom design – permanently burning in all the details.
  • A clear fixative is added that “holds” your signatures in place – your guests can write on the wood without worrying about the ink bleeding, running, or fading.
  • We pack it up and ship it to you via the fastest premium shipping method


  • Made from real whiskey barrels – We have a contract with a major cooperage that supplies new white oak barrels to distilleries all over Kentucky. Once they’ve aged bourbon in the rickhouse, they are sent back to the cooperage, who then makes sure the barrels are once again put to good use as re-purposed bourbon wood.
  • Carefully processed and assembled by hand – The bourbon barrel heads (lids) come to us as loosely assembled slats, since pressure and good craftsmanship hold the barrels together (and never glue). In order to make sure they stay together, we’ve created our own process of fitting a piece to the back to hold the slats together, and adding hardware to make sure it hangs safely on the wall.
  • Authentic and unique – Each barrel head shows distinct signs of its history in the famous rickhouses of Kentucky. Depending on which product you order, you may see the whiskey mark (stamp) or the charred wood through a viewing hole we add to our backing boards.
    Like every batch of whiskey, every barrel head tells its own story. We don’t manufacture these – the cooperage does with a little help from some of America’s best bourbons and whiskeys, so no barrel head we send out is ever perfect. You may see slats that don’t line up perfectly, or there may be gaps where the wood has swollen and contracted over the years, but to us, that imperfection is beautiful.
  • Laser Engraved, not Printed – You can see and feel the difference.  Designs are laser burned in, giving depth and a contrast to the wood while also maintaining a rustic and natural look.
  • Not just a wedding piece – After the wedding, and after this bad boy is signed, hang it up on the wall for all to see with our included wall hanging hardware.  It will be a beautiful centerpiece for years to come.
  • Designs Galore – With our builder, your options are endless.  And if you have something special in mind, email us and we will make it for you.
  • A solid piece of American craftsmanship – Weighs 12lbs and measures 21-22″ in diameter and around 1.5″ thick.  This baby was rolled around in rackhouses and used to store 50+ gallons of bourbon at a time.  It is solid as a rock and will stand the test of time.
  • Perfect for signatures – We make sure to include enough blank space for signing.  Includes a sharpie for signatures and fixative coating to prevent smears.

When the barrel heads arrive in our studio they are charred and bourbon soaked – which means you can still smell smokey whiskey notes when you open your package.  We prepare them for their journey by tightening the loose slats, adding a solid wood backing board to hold them firmly in place, then sanding and refinishing the top down so that it is clean, flat, and perfect for signatures. Once ready, we engrave your design into the wood with our 150w laser and finish it off with a clear fixative that will make sure your guests’ messages don’t smear.

The laser will give your design varying depth and the contrast of the burned/sanded wood will give it a dynamic look perfect for your wedding, and later, your home.

Additional Information

Weight 11.5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 1.5 in

18 reviews for Heart – Wedding Guest Book Alternative made from Recycled Bourbon Barrel

  1. Christian (verified owner)

    Beautiful! Cannot wait to use it at our wedding!

  2. theresa (verified owner)

    The package just arrived. I was so excited and rightly so! OMG! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It is a lot larger than what we had imagined. My daughter’s wedding is next Saturday and. I dont think there will be any problem fitting all the signatures. Well worth the money and a keepsake that will last a lifetime. And let us not forget the great customer service! Thanks!

  3. effie h (verified owner)

    Exactly what we wanted! Can’t wait to put it to use. We ordered this with not much time before our event and it came so quickly and well made. Thank you!!

  4. Jeffrey Washington (verified owner)

    I simply cannot say enough good things about WhiskeyMade or the gorgeous guestbook for my wedding! I absolutely LOVE it!

  5. phoebe fowler (verified owner)

    This unfinished barrel head arrived very well packaged and quickly. I originally thought it came as one solid piece, but when it arrived I realized that I had to glue the multiple pieces together (use Google for tips on how to properly complete that). I actually utilized the packaging material to cover my outdoor table while I finished my project. I bought it to make a table top and it worked great (not completely flat but that’s okay)….would have been even better if I had vice grips to hold the glued wood pieces together for drying purposes. I sanded and finished the barrel head with “antique wood” colored stain/poly combination and it turned out very cute. The underside is indeed burnt and authentic. Overall, this is a great price for some DIY projects! If shipping was cheaper it would have been an amazing deal :)

  6. Curtis M (verified owner)

    This turned out better than I could of hoped. My fiancé and I are so excited to have our friends and family sign this on our big day! Really quick turn around also. Definitely recommend!

  7. Erik C (verified owner)

    Product is nice. Shipping seemed slow, I’m in ohio, its advertised that your in Kentucky but it shipped from Arizona.

  8. Lawrence T (verified owner)

    I just received our bourbon barrel guestbook today and it’s everything I could have imagined! It’s beautiful and as a couple that loves bourbon it’s the perfect addition to our fall wedding! I almost don’t even want people to sign it and just hang it up on the wall now! Dana was also amazing and was very easy to communicate with since we changed little details.

  9. Samuel W. (verified owner)

    We love our custom wedding guestbook. I wanted something unique and different and us. This is totally us and I love it! Our wedding is in September but I can’t wait to hang this up in our house with all the signatures from our special day

  10. Rosetta H (verified owner)

    Excellent product that was well received by guests! Thank you!

  11. lettie (verified owner)

    It is perfect! Arrived fast!

  12. leo (verified owner)

    Dana was very professional, quick to respond, and was able to really come through for all of our questions, requests, and needs!”

  13. peter bradley (verified owner)

    The quality of this product is wonderful and Dana was incredibly responsive as he helped me decide how to design the guestbook. Thank you!

  14. gene p (verified owner)

    “Very happy with our personally engraved barrel

  15. Julian N. (verified owner)


  16. Clifford (verified owner)

    Perfect! Dana helped me with this custom order. I could not be happier. It came quickly too.

  17. carlos clayton (verified owner)

    Gave this to friend as a gift. It is so unique and beautiful – she LOVED it!

  18. jon e (verified owner)

    This was perfect for our wedding guest book and worked perfect! Now we can display it on our wall instead of a book that never gets looked at! I would highly recommend!! Thank you for a perfect piece for our best day ever!

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