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  • Handmade Chessboard made from Bourbon Barrels

    Chess is the ultimate challenge of wit and style. Our handmade chessboard is up for the challenge. Our master crafters start with hand selected boards that fit their precise specifications. Crafting each piece into perfect balance and fit together to create a beautiful piece of art, as well as a game board that every chess master will appreciate. Our custom chessboard is a one of a kind, hand made masterpiece. Carved out and built from 100% Kentucky bourbon barrels, this beauty has no equal.  Perfect for chess, checkers and other games. Makes a great gift
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  • Our bourbon barrel serving bowl is the ideal compliment to your rustic décor. Hand crafted from the wood of recycled bourbon barrels it can be used as a serving bowl, fruit bowl or centerpiece. Choose from char side or natural side up for the look that suits you.
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  • Our tealight candle holder is beautifully rustic, hand made from the wood of recycled bourbon barrels. A wonderful compliment to any room. Featuring three holders inset into the back of the charred side of a bourbon stave. Edges are trimmed with more bourbon barrel wood for contrast.
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