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    Add a rustic touch to your Christmas tree this year with our authentic Bourbon Barrel wood stave ornaments.  Comes with string to hang and sold in sets of 5 and 12
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    Our tealight candle holder is beautifully rustic, hand made from the wood of recycled bourbon barrels. A wonderful compliment to any room. Featuring three holders inset into the back of the charred side of a bourbon stave. Edges are trimmed with more bourbon barrel wood for contrast.
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  • The perfect gift! Represent your home state with this beautiful, hand made rustic wall art piece. Crafted from an authentic reclaimed bourbon barrel head and then CNC cut for a precise outline. Available in all 50 States.  Custom designs are possible, please contact us. Features:
    • Choose Your Map Marker -  Star, Heart and more
    • Map Marker on the location of your choice - Mark your home, place you fell in love, etc or no marker at all.
    • Add Text - Add an additional line of text above or below the marker
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  • The big letter style is perfect for showing off your family name. Our most popular guest book design features a personalized large initial in the center.
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  • Our elegant design is simply one of our favorites. For a more refined taste, both simple and elegant.
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  • The timeless Jameson logo, modified to celebrate your special day.
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  • The wedding-ized version of the classic label.  Hand crafted using recycled bourbon barrels.
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  • The most recognizable symbol in the world. This heart engraved guest book has beautiful styling and will become your first family heirloom.
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  • Create Your Own Personalized Bourbon Barrel Head

    At WhiskeyMade we believe in personalization. That's why we've built the 'Create Your Own - Personalized Barrel Head' page. You design it, we build it! Or, if you have a print ready design already made, this is the place to start: Give us instructions and/or upload a file.
    1. Free digital mock-up provided for pre-approval upon request.
    2. Revise until your heart is content.  Until it is perfect.
    3. We engrave and ship to you.
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  • Tree of Life – Wedding Guest Book Alternative

    The Tree of Life symbolizes spiritual transformation - the union of two into one. A beautiful keepsake to start your journey together.
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  • Has Cupid struck again? Our classic arrow through the heart designed wedding guest book is the perfect way to commemorate your special day.
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  • Intricate Flower design is perfect for lovers of nature and those looking for a floral themed design.
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  • Our 2 trees design is perfect for outdoor themed weddings and/or lovers of adventure.
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  • Simple script screams style. Our Guest Books are hand crafted using custom designs and repurposed bourbon barrels. Personalized & laser engraved using a script style font. Rustic and beautiful. Perfect for your wedding day, they also make great anniversary gifts.
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  • Bold design featuring your own personal take on the Knob label.  Cheers!
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  • Customize Your Quarter Barrel Wedding Guest Book. Our configurator let's you quickly switch between designs to see what you like best. Then personalize to your taste! All of our designs in one location. Once you're satisfied add it to the cart and we'll do the rest!
    Prefer to design your own? We can do that too! Send us your design through our contact us page and let us know what you want!
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  • We have love for Tequila here too.  This is one of our favorite new designs, based on the Patron label.  Cheers!
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    Bourbon Barrel Stave Christmas Tree

    Our bourbon barrel Christmas tree is made entirely out of reclaimed barrels resurrected from Kentucky. Our barrels are 100% American oak and hand crafted right here in the USA. Our "tree" comes with a steady base and star topper, so you can display it as is, or decorate it however you like. Perfect for that country Christmas.
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    Personalized bourbon barrel tray features a tray made from a center bourbon barrel lid slat carved to seat 2 tumblers, a decanter/bottle and a personalized engraving. Includes:
    1. Personalized Authentic Bourbon Barrel center slat tray
    2. 2x 10oz whiskey tumblers
    3. 1x Whiskey decanter/bottle
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  • Bourbon Barrel Stave personalized with your last name (or anything else) and year established.
    • Real Bourbon Barrel Stave - Measurements - 3.75″ Height x 35″ Width
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  • Our bourbon barrel floating hex shelves are the perfect addition to your rustic home décor. Made from real Bourbon Barrels shipped to us straight from the bourbon trail of Kentucky! Bourbon barrel wood is solid American Oak charred in the inside then used to age bourbon. We take these old barrels, mill them flat and straight, while still preserving the patina and the rustic charm of the barrel. You can see the distillery stamps on the shelves! Incredibly charming and interesting. A perfect touch to any rustic or farmhouse style room.
    • Composed of 100% recycled bourbon barrel wood, hand milled and built to order.
    • Actual char is removed and a char-like stain finish is applied to the insides of the wood panels (otherwise soot would get everywhere)
    • Make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries and more!  Each shelf will be unique, no 2 are alike.
    • Comes with hardware to hang on your wall.
    • Sets of 3 come with 1 horizontal insert.  Sets of 5 come with 2 horizontal inserts (as pictured)
    • 12" shelf - 10.5” x 12" x 3"
    • 16" shelf - 14" x 16.25" 3"
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  • Bourbon Barrel Stave Coat Rack

    This authentic bourbon barrel stave comes with 4 hooks, pre-installed, pre-drilled holes for mounting and hardware to hang on your wall. Dimensions - 35" x 4-6" x 1.5"
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  • This authentic bourbon barrel stave comes with 4 hooks, pre-installed, pre-drilled holes for mounting and hardware to hang on your wall. Dimensions - 35" x 4-6" x 1.5"
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  • Fresh from the distillery, these barrel heads were recently used to craft and age your favorite spirits.  These are perfect to hang on the wall as is or to use as a basis for your own DIY crafts and projects.  Comes ready to hang and includes the following pre-installed:
    • Distillery-used bourbon barrel head
      • Batch markings on the front
      • Charred on the back
    • Wood backing board installed on the back side
    • Hanging hardware
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  • Bourbon Barrel Stave Clock

    This authentic bourbon barrel stave comes machined with a pocket in the back to receive a high torque movement (included).  We also pre-drill pre-drilled holes for mounting and include the hands and hardware to hang on your wall.  Engraved numbers are optional. Dimensions – 35″ x 4-6″ x 1.5″
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    Sold in sets of 5. Each shelf is a different size (see blow for dimensions) and come packed nested together to save on shipping and packaging. Composed of 100% recycled American bourbon barrel wood, hand milled and built to order. MEASUREMENTS FOR EACH SHELF (1 OF EACH INCLUDED)
    • S - 8" x 6.75" x 3"
    • M - 10" x 8.5" x 3"
    • L - 12" x 10.5" x 3"
    • XL - 14" x 12" x 3"
    • XXL - 16" x 13.75" x 3"
  • Fresh from the distillery, these barrel heads were recently used to craft and age your favorite spirits.  These are perfect to hang on the wall as is or to use as a basis for your own DIY crafts and projects.
    • Distillery-used bourbon barrel head comes with original batch markings from the distillery on the clock face
    • Hanging hardware that is safety-rated for our 12lb barrel heads is included.
    • We affix wood backing board to each barrel head to make sure slats stay securely in place
    • Beautiful minimalist clock hands go with any decor
    • At roughly 21-22" in diameter your clock will make an excellent statement piece
    Contact us for a custom engraving quote if you'd like to add a name, logo, or any other design to your clock face.
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  • Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Head Lazy Susan

    The barrel heads used to craft our one-of-a-kind lazy susans came to our workshop straight from the distillery, where they recently finished aging one of your favorite spirits.  These add an authentic piece of the Kentucky Bourbon Belt to your family's table, and are a must for any whiskey lover. It comes out of the box ready to use without any assembly or installation needed.
    • Distillery-used bourbon barrel head has char underneath and batch markings on the top.
    • Custom-made wood backing board holds it all together
    • 1000lb rated steel ball bearing turntable means your lazy susan spins smoothly, even when holding heavy dishes, bottles, or tools
    • 21-22" diameter means it's functional on any size table, countertop, or island
    • Perfect for your bar, dining room, kitchen, coffee table, craft room, or workshop
    Contact us if you'd like to ask about customizing your bourbon barrel head lazy susan with a phrase, logo, name, or any other design.
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