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  • Whiskey Stones With Char made from Bourbon Barrels Whiskey Stones With Char made from Bourbon Barrels
    Mellow your Whiskey while you chill it! Our real recycled bourbon barrel ice cubes (whiskey stones) are made from 100% American Oak that was once used to age and store Kentucky bourbon. Now you can use these stones to enhance your whiskey while keeping it cool.
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  • Smoked Cocktail Wood Burning

    Cocktail Smoking Kit

    Create delicious smoked cocktails at home with added flavor from specially sourced bourbon barrels. The wood smoking tray is cut from the charred side of a bourbon barrel stave. We route a groove to allow the glass to sit flush (staves are naturally curved and would not otherwise create a seal) and trap in the delicious smoke. We route out a little extra room to not only receive our glass, but many other glasses with comparable rim sizes.  Sharing is caring! Full Kit Comes with:
    • 1x Authentic Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Wood Stave Piece
    • 1x WhiskeyMade Mini Torch
    • 1x Rocks Glass
    Also Available as Torch & Tray and Tray only (Refill) variants.
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