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Whiskey Enhancement

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  • Mellow your Whiskey while you chill it! Our real recycled bourbon barrel ice cubes (whiskey stones) are made from 100% American Oak that was once used to age and store Kentucky bourbon. Now you can use these stones to enhance your whiskey while keeping it cool.
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  • Cocktail Smoking Kit

    Create delicious smoked cocktails at home with added flavor from specially sourced bourbon barrels. The wood smoking tray is cut from the charred side of a bourbon barrel stave. We route a groove to allow the glass to sit flush (staves are naturally curved and would not otherwise create a seal) and trap in the delicious smoke. We route out a little extra room to not only receive our glass, but many other glasses with comparable rim sizes.  Sharing is caring! Full Kit Comes with:
    • 1x Authentic Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Wood Stave Piece
    • 1x WhiskeyMade Mini Torch
    • 1x Rocks Glass
    Also Available as Torch & Tray and Tray only (Refill) variants.
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