Barrel Head FAQ

Barrel Head FAQ2021-04-26T12:52:15-07:00
What should I use to treat my whiskey wood products?2023-06-13T12:48:18-07:00

For indoor use simple mineral oil with beeswax is great, inexpensive and easily available.

How should I apply Mineral Oil?2023-06-13T12:47:13-07:00

To re-oil wood furniture, do it in a shaded place or after the sun has set. Oil can dry quickly on the surface when exposed to heat. If you need to sand the furniture, use 150-grit sandpaper and sand in the direction of the grain. Apply the oil with a brush or cloth and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. After 15-20 minutes, wipe away any excess oil with a clean cloth. Let the furniture dry overnight or for at least 24 hours before using it. Re-oil the furniture once a month or when water droplets no longer bead up on the surface. You should also re-oil furniture that is kept indoors, but it is not necessary to do it as often.

Where is the best place to store my whiskey wood product?2023-06-13T12:45:41-07:00

Anywhere that is relatively dry, out of direct sunlight, and does not experience big swings in temperature or humidity.  So basically inside a home away from big windows with big sunlight.

What distillery stamps can I expect on my product?2023-06-13T12:43:51-07:00

We source from many distilleries and cooperages with most coming from Jim Beam brands (which includes Booker’s, Baker’s, Basil Hayden’s, and Knob Creek among others), Makers Mark, Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace (Eagle Rare, Blanton’s, W.L. Weller, Van Winkle etc).  It is important to note that in most instances, the actual brand of the bourbon is not present on the stamp, just the parent company.

Do you offer wholesale products to resell?2023-06-13T12:38:47-07:00

Only on a case by case basis.  Please contact us to discuss.

Which Shipping Carrier do you use?2023-06-13T12:37:53-07:00

Most shipments are sent via FedEx ground, but we also use USPS FedEx Express and FedEx Freight depending on the order.

Do you offer bulk discounts?2023-06-13T12:36:45-07:00

Yes, we do.  please contact us to discuss your circumstance.

Can I keep my whiskey wood products outdoors?2023-06-13T12:35:45-07:00

It is not recommended as the change in humidity and temperatures can cause the wood to shift and warp.  Excessive UV rays and direct sunlight can also damage the wood.  If you do keep it outside, keeping it oiled with mineral oil will help it last longer.

Do I need to oil my whiskey wood products?2023-06-13T12:34:06-07:00

Cutting boards and items that have a heavy workload should be re-oiled every 2-4 weeks depending on usage.  Other items can benefit from oiling as it prevents excess moisture absorption which can lead to the wood warping.  If you notice the wood does not bead water up, it may be time to re-apply.  We recommend mineral oil to care for you products.

How long is your lead time?2023-06-13T12:15:23-07:00

No personalization – We try to keep most products in stock so that if there is no personalization required, they usually can ship within 48hs.  During periods of high demand, this could be higher.

Personalization – Lead time can range from 3-5 business days depending on work load.  You can also upgrade this to Next Day or 2-3 day production for an extra fee.

Can I get the same design on my Glassware that I got on my Guest Book?2023-06-13T12:11:46-07:00

Yes, if you are buying them both at the same time, then just add the glass to your cart without a design.  We will use the design from the guestbook.

If you have ordered a Guest Book in the past and want to re-use that design you can do that too, just make note of your previous order number in the “Order Notes” field at checkout.


Alternatively, you can email us and we can make sure everything is as it should be.

How long does shipping take?2020-03-10T11:42:57-07:00

Ground takes anywhere from 3-5 business days depending on your location.  We also offer expedited and overnight shipping for an extra fee.

Do you add a fixative to the Guest Books so signatures do not bleed?2023-06-13T12:18:09-07:00

Yes!  We add a clear coat of shellac which acts as a fixative to bind your signatures in place.  You can add more if you would like but make sure it is BEFORE the signatures go on.  If you add more shellac after the signing, the additional shellac can liquify the initial layer and bring up all of the signatures off of the wood.

Can I add a sealant, stain or other finish after my guests have signed my Guest Book?2023-06-13T12:19:00-07:00

Yes!  BUT, do not use anything alcohol based after signatures have been signed.  Most finishes are water or oil based so most are safe, but alcohol based products can strip the marker from the wood finish.

How many signatures can a Guest Book hold?2023-06-13T12:21:27-07:00

Barrel Heads and Stave Mosaics – We recommend limiting the signatures to ~150.  For anything more than 150 we recommend a ultra fine tipped marker (we only ship with a fine tip) or opting for 2x Guest Books.  We can also offer discounts for multi Guest Book purchases for larger weddings.

Quarter Barrels – These can hold up to 50 signatures, depending on the tip used on the marker (fine, ultra fine, etc) and the size of the signatures.

Can you use my existing design to personalize my items?2023-06-13T12:23:30-07:00

Yes!  You can upload an image for most products that have customization available OR you can contact us directly and we can add it for you on our end.  In most cases we can send you a proof before you buy so you can make sure it turns out exactly how you envision it.

Can you help me with my design?2023-06-13T12:24:22-07:00

Yes!  Contact and we will have a designer work with you to get the perfect layout for your occasion.

Can you rush an order for me?2020-03-10T11:31:53-07:00

Absolutely.  We have 2-3 day and Next Day production options available.  We also offer Expedited and overnight shipping as well.

How long does it take you to create a custom design for me?2023-06-13T12:25:46-07:00

It depends on workload, but usually between 1-2 working days.  Send us your request!

Can I mount my Barrel Head on the wall?2023-06-13T12:27:03-07:00

Yes. We even supply a hanging kit with our barrel head products. It is designed for heavier objects and holds up to 75lbs.

Why are Bourbon Barrels Charred?2023-06-13T12:27:30-07:00

Bourbon is not bourbon unless it is aged in an American Oak fully charred barrel. So it has to be. But aside from that, it opens up the wood, allowing the flavor to be more easily absorbed by the bourbon. It mellows the spirit, adds color, and flavors of sweetness and smoke.

Do your Barrels come charred?2016-08-05T11:29:06-07:00

Yes. Each barrel comes from the distillery with the charred side in tact. We do this to preserve authenticity, but it can be resurfaced for a clean, like new surface depending on the application.

What do the Batch Markings on the Barrel Heads mean?2017-01-27T08:18:00-08:00

They can vary, but they often include: the barrel number, fill date, barrel volume, contents, warehouse location, and the name of the distillery itself.  More Here

Do your barrel heads come with markings?2023-06-13T12:30:05-07:00

Most do. All barrels are reclaimed from area distilleries but some are lower lids which dont always have markings.  Anything that does not have personalization will always have a marking when ordering from us.

What kind of wood are barrel heads made of?2016-08-05T11:29:45-07:00

They are made from 100% American Oak.

Where do you source your barrel heads?2023-06-13T12:30:58-07:00

We get them from distilleries and Cooperages within the bourbon belt in Kentucky.

How big and heavy are your barrel heads?2016-08-05T11:30:03-07:00

They are about 21-22″ in diameter, .75-1″ thick and weigh 11-12lbs. The variation depends on the amount of moisture absorbed during the aging process which causes the barrels to expand.