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April 2019

Pink Signature Whiskey Wedding Drinks


Having spent a bunch of time scouring the dreamscape that is this year's #wedding posts on Instagram and Pinterest, we're here to tell you - pink is the thing. Light pinks, bold pinks, orange pinks - they're all there. Pink dresses? Yep. Pink centerpieces? For sure. But most importantly, pink cocktails. More specifically, pink [...]

Pink Signature Whiskey Wedding Drinks2021-04-26T11:58:54-07:00

August 2017

20 Memorable Wedding Sayings for your Whiskey Wedding Guestbook


We here at WhiskeyMade love weddings. Drinks all around! If you are looking at a wedding with a Bourbon Belt feel, or even if you want to go rustic, we have the best decor idea. And no, let me stop you before you crawl over the fence behind your local Walmart. It doesn't involve pallets. [...]

20 Memorable Wedding Sayings for your Whiskey Wedding Guestbook2018-12-25T22:59:16-08:00

May 2017

Unite Your Love with Whiskey


There are two universal truths: you can't have a wedding without booze and whiskey is the best drink to symbolize eternal love. Why? Because whiskey lasts a heck of a lot longer than beer or other spirits-- and it only gets better with age. If you and your partner feel the same way, then a [...]

Unite Your Love with Whiskey2018-12-25T23:00:47-08:00

5 Top-Shelf Ways to Add Whiskey to Your Wedding


No big day is complete until you add whiskey to your wedding. If you want to have the water of life as an integral part of your wedding, consider these three options. 1. As a wedding party gift You don't have to wait for the wedding, or even the rehearsal dinner for this one. If [...]

5 Top-Shelf Ways to Add Whiskey to Your Wedding2017-05-24T21:26:35-07:00

March 2017

7 Best Songs About Whiskey


In honor of St. Padraig's Day this week, we thought we'd give you a musical treat with seven of our favorite, whiskey-based songs. Perfect for screaming while addled at the pub or listening while sipping at home in the company of good friends, these traditional songs will get your toes tapping even before the liquor [...]

7 Best Songs About Whiskey2018-12-25T23:01:08-08:00

February 2017

So You Want your Wedding at a Distillery…


With distilleries becoming more and more of a tourist destination, happy couples are flocking to begin their marriages at the birthplaces of their favorite spirits. I'm currently planning my own wedding. And since my fiancee and I are both boozehounds, we've come to learn a lot about what to look for in a venue that [...]

So You Want your Wedding at a Distillery…2018-12-25T23:01:26-08:00

October 2016

Burying the Bourbon: A Southern Wedding Tradition


Weddings are special everywhere, but there just isn't anything on Earth quite like a Southern wedding. Because weddings are a huge part of Southern society, wedding traditions, as odd as they sometimes may seem, are upheld with mighty ferocity. You may already know that dresses are white, bridal portraits are large and prominently displayed, the [...]

Burying the Bourbon: A Southern Wedding Tradition2018-12-25T23:01:52-08:00