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Japanese whiskey

July 2017

Host a Whiskey Tasting– At Home


Have you ever wanted to bring the magic of a whiskey tasting into your own home? Whether your friends are old hat whiskey drinkers, or whether they've only ever knocked back the occasional shot of Jameson on St. Paddy's Day, we have some tips on how to bring home the fun-- for everyone.   1. [...]

Host a Whiskey Tasting– At Home2017-07-04T20:09:25-07:00

May 2017

Cocktail Review: Suntory Whiskey Toki Highball


You know me. I have been curious about Japanese whiskey for a long time, but I finally had the chance to try it the way that it was meant to be tried just last week. I went to my favorite whiskey bar, and instead of going for my old favorite (a Bruichladdich from the year [...]

Cocktail Review: Suntory Whiskey Toki Highball2017-05-15T19:01:55-07:00