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September 2021

Top 5 Unique Whiskey Themed Holiday Gifts for Whiskey Lovers in 2021


Shopping during the holidays is difficult for everyone, and for whiskey lovers, it can be an even bigger challenge.  Whether you’re looking for the in-laws who are hard to know what to buy, the person who has everything, or a White Elephant gift exchange, we’re sure that these selections will impress your bourbon whiskey [...]

Top 5 Unique Whiskey Themed Holiday Gifts for Whiskey Lovers in 20212021-09-13T13:02:55-07:00

March 2018

Top 5 Irish Whiskeys for St. Paddy’s Day


St. Paddy's Day is right around the corner. Is your whiskey cabinet prepared? If it isn't, we came up with a short list to help you impress your friends and keep your palette well-balanced in time of this holiest of holy days for the Irish whiskey community. 5. Jameson Black Barrel I love Jameson. Sue [...]

Top 5 Irish Whiskeys for St. Paddy’s Day2021-04-26T12:28:08-07:00

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Lazy Susan


In case you didn't notice, we recently started selling bourbon barrel head lazy Susans. They're beautiful and all, but do you really need a lazy Susan in your kitchen? Um, let me stop you right there, because you absolutely do. Here's why: 1. It helps you achieve maximum passing with minimum effort. Holiday and family [...]

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Lazy Susan2021-05-12T13:28:26-07:00

December 2017

Make Your Own Whiskey Advent Calendar


If you're anything like us, you don't want to wait until Christmas Day to unwrap that bottle of whiskey you've been eying, but you know you probably should. Why bother? They say that hunger is the best sauce, but is it worth it? Nah. And should you go out and buy a whiskey calendar? They [...]

Make Your Own Whiskey Advent Calendar2021-05-10T14:39:42-07:00

The Best Ways to Nog


If you're like us, the holidays aren't complete without eggnog. But what makes the very best eggnog? Every family seems to have their own recipes. 1. Pick Your Alcohol Because I have the greatest job in the world, I did a little taste test with the liquors I have at home. I know we're a [...]

The Best Ways to Nog2021-05-17T11:11:03-07:00

October 2017

4 Warm Whiskey Cocktails


Winter is coming. If you're looking for a delicious way to stay warm this winter, why not try whiskey? These are our four favorite warm whiskey drinks that we'll be sippin' all winter long. Bourbon Butterscotch Latte When I, a love of bourbon, butterscotch, and lattes, first read the name of this cocktail, I nearly [...]

4 Warm Whiskey Cocktails2017-10-13T19:17:26-07:00

February 2017

American Whiskey vs. Irish Whiskey


St. Patrick's Day One whiskey, one bourbon, and one... scotch?   St. Paddy's Day is coming up soon, and we started getting a bunch of emails from readers wondering just what is the difference between Irish whiskey and American whiskey. So, we've decided to clear the air a little ahead of time so [...]

American Whiskey vs. Irish Whiskey2017-04-06T16:59:13-07:00