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September 2019

5 Clever rustic fall wedding ideas (that don’t involve pumpkins!)


Alright fall lovers, you've suffered through all of summer just for this moment - sweater weather. Finally. And if you're a fan of all things fall who also happens to be engaged, well - we bet your rustic fall wedding feeds are awash in leaves, and hay bales, and mason jars. Don't get us [...]

5 Clever rustic fall wedding ideas (that don’t involve pumpkins!)2021-04-26T11:46:24-07:00

October 2017

4 Warm Whiskey Cocktails


Winter is coming. If you're looking for a delicious way to stay warm this winter, why not try whiskey? These are our four favorite warm whiskey drinks that we'll be sippin' all winter long. Bourbon Butterscotch Latte When I, a love of bourbon, butterscotch, and lattes, first read the name of this cocktail, I nearly [...]

4 Warm Whiskey Cocktails2017-10-13T19:17:26-07:00

September 2017

Is Tennessee The New Whiskey Belt?


That's right, fans of spirits everywhere. You have a new tourist destination: Tennessee. Well, chances are, you already knew that the old TN was good for a booze cruise. But now it's official. As of Monday, June 19th, 2017, the Tennessee Whiskey Trail is officially open for business. Kentucky, Tennessee's hat, is well-known for its [...]

Is Tennessee The New Whiskey Belt?2017-09-28T21:26:50-07:00

August 2017

20 Memorable Wedding Sayings for your Whiskey Wedding Guestbook


We here at WhiskeyMade love weddings. Drinks all around! If you are looking at a wedding with a Bourbon Belt feel, or even if you want to go rustic, we have the best decor idea. And no, let me stop you before you crawl over the fence behind your local Walmart. It doesn't involve pallets. [...]

20 Memorable Wedding Sayings for your Whiskey Wedding Guestbook2018-12-25T22:59:16-08:00

July 2017

Host a Whiskey Tasting– At Home


Have you ever wanted to bring the magic of a whiskey tasting into your own home? Whether your friends are old hat whiskey drinkers, or whether they've only ever knocked back the occasional shot of Jameson on St. Paddy's Day, we have some tips on how to bring home the fun-- for everyone.   1. [...]

Host a Whiskey Tasting– At Home2017-07-04T20:09:25-07:00

5 Events on the Bourbon Trail This Summer


The Bourbon Trail really shows its color during the summer. If you are going to find your way down there at any point this summer, these are a merely sampling of the MANY events going down this summer. Some are old traditions, some are new, but we are looking forward to all of them. [...]

5 Events on the Bourbon Trail This Summer2017-07-04T20:10:28-07:00

May 2017

Cocktail Review: Suntory Whiskey Toki Highball


You know me. I have been curious about Japanese whiskey for a long time, but I finally had the chance to try it the way that it was meant to be tried just last week. I went to my favorite whiskey bar, and instead of going for my old favorite (a Bruichladdich from the year [...]

Cocktail Review: Suntory Whiskey Toki Highball2017-05-15T19:01:55-07:00

5 Top-Shelf Ways to Add Whiskey to Your Wedding


No big day is complete until you add whiskey to your wedding. If you want to have the water of life as an integral part of your wedding, consider these three options. 1. As a wedding party gift You don't have to wait for the wedding, or even the rehearsal dinner for this one. If [...]

5 Top-Shelf Ways to Add Whiskey to Your Wedding2017-05-24T21:26:35-07:00

April 2017

Is It OK That I Like Ice in My Whiskey?


We got a question recently that is really getting us here at WhiskeyMade super riled up. Here, I'll share: Hi WhiskeyMade, I was at my brother-in-law's wedding a couple weeks ago, enjoying some Ardbeg Uigeadail at the open bar. When I asked for it on the rocks, my brother-in-law's cousin (let's call him Jerkface) loudly [...]

Is It OK That I Like Ice in My Whiskey?2017-04-29T19:35:51-07:00

How Does Whiskey Get Its Flavor?


Beer gets its earthy flavor from hops. Wine gets its sultry sweetness (or delectable dryness) from grapes. So where does whiskey get its unique taste? If you're a whiskey fiend (like we are), the answer probably won't surprise you: a big part of whiskey's distinctive and rich flavor comes from the type of barrel that [...]

How Does Whiskey Get Its Flavor?2017-05-16T18:14:07-07:00