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Sam Uliano is a 2012 graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where she won the Elise duBois Award for her short story, Prodigal. Her writing is currently featured on AleHorn and WhiskeyMade, but she also works full time as an editor. In her time away from the computer, she plays tabletop roleplaying games, teaches storytelling, and, of course, brews mead. Feeling bam-booze-led? Feel free to email her at with your questions or pose your questions on Twitter to @samuliano1.

May 2021

How Should You Drink Whiskey?


Whiskey, as we all know, is a complicated spirit. Varieties are produced and distributed from Kentucky, Ireland, Japan, and countless other places. It can be made from many different grains. It can be smooth or rough. It might be peaty or smoky, sweet or dry. There is an endless parade of flavors that many have [...]

How Should You Drink Whiskey?2021-05-24T11:45:28-07:00

7 Great Gifts for Whiskey Lovers in Your Life


If you’re anything like me, then you understand the anxiety of finding an appropriate gift for that loved one, coworker, friend, or family member in your life. This goes doubly so when said recipient’s main interests happen to be something as nuanced and complex as “whiskey.” Sure, you know they’re a connoisseur, but considering the [...]

7 Great Gifts for Whiskey Lovers in Your Life2021-05-19T12:38:07-07:00

7 Best Whiskey-Themed Gifts for Groomsmen


Planning a wedding can be like trying to coax a cat into a bathtub with a broom: it’s complex, mentally and physically draining, will likely end up flooding your bathroom, and often leaves you thinking that there must have been an easier way to accomplish your task. Amidst the maelstrom of coordinating vendors, planning decor, [...]

7 Best Whiskey-Themed Gifts for Groomsmen2021-05-10T10:48:41-07:00

April 2021

7 Southern Traditions to Use in Your Wedding


You already know about the burying of the bourbon. But if you are not from the South, you might not know all there is to know about southern wedding traditions. Whether you are planning on getting married there or not, it's worth your time to check out these unusual, beautiful, and time-honored traditions Outdoor Weddings [...]

7 Southern Traditions to Use in Your Wedding2021-04-26T11:14:05-07:00

7 Wedding Gifts Made from Whiskey Barrels


Few things in life carry the stress of planning--or planning to attend--a wedding. It’s a non-stop juggling act trying to plan the guests, vendors, venues, decor, and gifts. Thankfully, for the blissfully wedded and soon-to-be-married consummate whiskey enthusiast, gifts abound. Give your nuptials a touch of rustic class with these nine unique products made from [...]

7 Wedding Gifts Made from Whiskey Barrels2021-04-26T11:06:35-07:00

Wedding Guest Book Ideas


In the days of Pinterest and Etsy, it can be difficult to throw a wedding that really lets you stand out as a couple. One thing that always helps your uniqueness shine through? A personalized wedding guest book. But how do you pick something that is truly you? What if you scan all those sites [...]

Wedding Guest Book Ideas2021-04-26T10:45:35-07:00

March 2020

Postponing or Cancelling your Wedding? 6 Things you Need to Do


Wedding postponements and cancellations happen. More frequently than we in the wedding business want to admit to, perhaps. But they are a reality, no matter how well you prepare. Whether it's a rampant virus, a hurricane or other natural disaster, or for a personal reason, it happens, it sucks, and you have to get through [...]

Postponing or Cancelling your Wedding? 6 Things you Need to Do2021-04-26T11:09:52-07:00

December 2019

The Top 9 Cities to Get Married in — and Their Awesome Whiskey Scenes


The U.S. of A. is a huge country, and there is whiskey history everywhere you look. But we wanted to find out the best whiskey cities to host weddings in. Whether you are craving a destination wedding or are a local yokel, these nine cities are the best marriage spots for whiskey lovers. Share in [...]

The Top 9 Cities to Get Married in — and Their Awesome Whiskey Scenes2021-04-26T11:32:57-07:00

5 Modern Updates to the Burying of the Bourbon


The South is steeped more heavily than sweet tea in tradition, especially when it comes to weddings. And the burying of the bourbon has long been a favorite. We looked into some modern updates that could help non-Southern couples, Southern couples who have moved away from the South, people who want to spice up their [...]

5 Modern Updates to the Burying of the Bourbon2021-04-26T11:35:39-07:00

6 Wintery Whiskey Cocktails for Wedding Wassailing


Winter weddings are the best.  They are perfect for snuggling, perfect for getting dressed to the nines, and perfect for drinking warm drinks. We have compiled our favorite warm, whiskey cocktails just for your snow globe wedding. Sit back and snuggle closely. Kentucky Derby Coffee This takes an Irish coffee (coffee + whiskey) and a [...]

6 Wintery Whiskey Cocktails for Wedding Wassailing2021-04-26T11:38:51-07:00