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July 2021

What is a WhiskeyMade Wedding Guestbook


Here's a quick story on how our Guest Books are made.  It was made with a 3rd party builder tool we are experimenting with.  Hope you enjoy. Build Your Guestbook

What is a WhiskeyMade Wedding Guestbook2021-08-30T12:00:21-07:00

June 2021

National Bourbon Day | June 14, 2021.


National Bourbon Day | June 14, 2021. First, a bit of historical background on bourbon. Bourbon is made with corn, limestone water and time. In the middle of the 18th century (mid-1700s) Scots-Irish immigrants settled in an area of the U.S. now called Virginia and Kentucky. Corn is the only grain native to the area [...]

National Bourbon Day | June 14, 2021.2021-06-30T14:53:32-07:00

Summer Whiskey Cocktails


At last it’s summer! A time to spend relaxing outdoors. A time for grilling and picnicking and for relaxing with friends and family by the pool or at the beach while enjoying refreshing summer whiskey cocktails. To many, whiskey is more of a winter drink. But there are many ways for whiskey to shed its [...]

Summer Whiskey Cocktails2021-06-30T15:22:38-07:00

May 2021

How Our Favorite Spirit is Made


Is whiskey brewed like beer? Whiskey is not brewed, but rather it is distilled. To brew is to prepare a beer, ale, stout, etc. by steeping, boiling and then fermenting or by infusing into hot water. Whiskey is not brewed, but rather, it is distilled. Distilled alcoholic beverages are made from fermented grain mash (a [...]

How Our Favorite Spirit is Made2021-05-21T15:56:29-07:00

Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon. What’s the Difference?


Attempting to discover and to discern the differences and similarities among whiskey, scotch and bourbon can be a bewildering proposition. All three are alcoholic spirits, distilled from cereal grains, but there are differences and specific requirements for each. Let’s start this discussion with a few basic definitions and then go on to discuss their differences [...]

Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon. What’s the Difference?2021-05-18T14:42:07-07:00