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Locally Sourced in Kentucky

From the home of the Bourbon Belt

The name ‘bourbon’ comes from Bourbon County, Kentucky, which should tell you a little something about how important bourbon is to the Kentuckians who’ve perfected the art of whiskeycraft. By definition, bourbon can only be made in a new charred American white oak barrel. Once those barrels are used to age the best of American whiskeys, we honor their heritage by turning them into stunning and meaningful pieces for your home.

The barrel is one of the most important components of a world-class whiskey. White oak is used to hand craft each one, which is then charred to perfection, stamped with the company’s logo, and then used to craft the most refined beverage in America.

Once finished aging whiskey, the heads of the barrels are handmade once more into customizeable pieces for your home or bar.

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Bringing the Bourbon Belt to you

We get it, you like whiskey! Thankfully we’re right smack dab in the middle of the Kentucky Bourbon Belt, so we do too. It’s practically the law.

Each Barrel Head ordered gets the custom treatment from our engravers and woodworking specialists.  We only sell barrel heads that have been used to age bourbon whiskey by a Kentucky-based distiller.  Each head is uniquely marked based on distiller, warehouse location, and date of production.
The Whiskeymade engraving studio is in Rineyville, Kentucky, which means we can drive out to the distillery to pick up a batch of barrel heads and be back before the sweet smell of wood and whiskey wears off. We could probably lick a barrel head and get a drop or two if we really wanted to. Don’t worry – we won’t lick yours.
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