St. Paddy’s Day is right around the corner. Is your whiskey cabinet prepared? If it isn’t, we came up with a short list to help you impress your friends and keep your palette well-balanced in time of this holiest of holy days for the Irish whiskey community.

5. Jameson Black Barrel

I love Jameson. Sue me. Even your classic, every day Jameson is among my favorite whiskeys. But when I got to try this triple distilled, twice charred Irish Whiskey at a friend’s house last St. Paddy’s Day, let’s just say that I came close to forsaking my love of plain, ol’ Jameson. The dark and earthy flavor reminds me of sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy day, in Waterford, Ireland, back when I was eighteen.

4. Tullamore Dew 15 Year Old Trilogy

Hey– did you know that the town of Tullamore is the site of the first aviation disaster ever? I didn’t. I also didn’t know that the Tullamore Dew distillery is set right where the hot air balloon hit a chimneey stack and started a fire that burned down 100 homes. But their 15 Year Old Trilogy doesn’t even taste like char. It’s housed for 15 years in Carribean rum casks to get that perfect, water o’ life sweetness. And while it may be one of the more expensive numbers on our lists, it is well worth it for the taste.

3. Green Spot Single Pot Still Whiskey

This whiskey has been around since the 1920s, so if you’re into Irish history, or are an Irish Republican of any kind, you can respect those origins. This single pot malt is made from a blend of multiple, aged single pot whiskeys, creating an interesting taste all on their own. They’re hard to get your hands on outside of the old country, but if you spot one at your local liquor store, don’t give it up! Trust me.

2. 2Gingers Whiskey

2Gingers is a very recent brand, in terms of whiskeys. I mean, we have brands on here that have been around for hundreds of years. But 2Gingers is reasonably young, charming, and delicious, and it’s become one of my favorite whiskeys to add to cocktails. This bad boy is a little difficult to find at the moment, but it’s becoming more and more of a thing. I have been making all of my whiskey sours with this brew lately.

1. Knappouge Castle 14 Year Irish Whiskey

I’ll admit it: I normally like blended whiskeys. But this single malt has stolen my heart and I can’t quite describe why. It’s not the slight and gentle fruitness. It’s not the very Irish-looking label (although that helps, I admit). This whiskey reminds me of something I can’t quite remember but can’t quite forget. I tried it back when I was just a kid, my first time visiting Ireland, and maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe.