In case you didn’t notice, we recently started selling bourbon barrel head lazy Susans. They’re beautiful and all, but do you really need a lazy Susan in your kitchen?

Um, let me stop you right there, because you absolutely do. Here’s why:

1. It helps you achieve maximum passing with minimum effort.

Holiday and family brunch tables are already pretty crowded. Now, imagine you’re at the end of a very disorganized passing routine, and you wind up with this scene:
– gravy under your elbow. And on your elbow.
– the corn bowl sort of sitting on your silverware, but hey, there’s not really a better place for it
– mashed potatoes just… everywhere
– you really wanted the dark meat, but the plate the turkey on was so big, you couldn’t lift it to get the other side, so now you’re settling for white meat like a plebian
– somehow, someone got some green bean casserole IN YOUR WHISKEY GLASS

Yeah, what a mess. Instead of all those dribbily foods getting all over the place, a lazy susan will keep everything in one place but still allow them to go all the way around the table.

2. It’s perfect for whiskey tastings. Or, really, alcohol of any sort.
Do you like to hold whiskey tastings in your home? You definitely need a lazy susan then. These suckers are the perfect display piece for an expensive bottle and they will really show off your beverages the way they were meant to be shown. Plus, you’ll be able to pass glasses quickly and efficiently.

3. It’s the focal point of any table.

 As a wedding present? This sort of decor can’t be beat. Get the couple’s names on it, and their wedding date, and you know they’re never going to throw something like that away. You can’t garage sale that in ten years. It’s going to be around forever and it’s going to become a fixture. Look, there’s even a whole Pinterest about exactly that.

4. It takes your meal game to a whole new level.
Before, your taco night was probably a little chaotic. And you probably didn’t even think about serving dim sum at home. Now? It’s simple. Hosting lots of people, or even just sitting down with the nuclear family or roommates, you can have more on the table than ever before and not worry about the logistics of everyone getting what they need to get.