The Bourbon Trail really shows its color during the summer. If you are going to find your way down there at any point this summer, these are a merely sampling of the MANY events going down this summer. Some are old traditions, some are new, but we are looking forward to all of them.

The Stephen Foster Story

Starting Saturday, June 10th: The Stephen Foster Story
Beginning in mid-June and running almost every day throughout the summer in Bardstown, KY is the musical, The Stephen Foster Story! Stephen Collins Foster is widely regarded as the father of American music, and Bardstown has been running this musical every summer since 1958, with elaborate costumes, catchy tunes, and a little bit of history. This is one of those must-sees if you’re in town during the summer. It’s one of the many things that truly makes Bardstown an all-American town. So despite the lack of bourbon, you really don’t want to miss it.

Angel’s Envy cocktail class

Thursday, July 13th: Cocktail Craft and the Science of Good Taste at Angel’s Envy
Let’s face it. It’s everyone’s dream to distill their own bourbon. Short of that, it’s everyones’ dream to make a great cocktail. Angel’s Envy is ready to make that dream come true with their cocktail classes this summer. The $45 price tag may seem steep, but as the listing says, this comes with a, “gift to aid in future cocktail endeavors.” We don’t know what this means, but we’re game.

The Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse visitor center

Friday, July 14th: Jim Beam Distillery Behind the Beam Tour
For only $199, you can get the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a distillery tour, lunch, barrel thieving, tasting, and story time with Jim Beam’s very own master distiller, Fred Noe. Basically, Fred will show you his family’s distillery and personally entertain you and other guests for the better part of the day. If you didn’t think it could get better, you would be wrong: this tasting, tour, story time, etc. ends with a commemorative bottle.

Buttermilk Days

August 24th-26th: Buttermilk Days
Another non-bourbon exclusive event, Buttermilk Days is Bardstown’s premier festival. You can be sure there will be SOME bourbon there, but we’re really looking forward to the, “old school street concert,” on Saturday night. It is basically geared up to be your favorite hometown festival, but with a smokey, bourbon flavor. Make sure you make it out if you’re in the area that weekend!


Savory Cycle

Sunday, September 24th: Savory Cycle
If your second love is bicycling (we know your first one is whiskey; don’t even try to hide it), this is the event for you. With one ride that goes for 25 miles and one that goes for 62, this ride is sure to exhaust you in the best way possible. But it’s not all bike riding. You’ll have lunch at the Woodford Reserve Distillery, dinner at the Holly Hill Inn, and you’ll get to listen to authentic bluegrass bands all the while. Now that sounds like a perfect day to me.