There are two universal truths: you can’t have a wedding without booze and whiskey is the best drink to symbolize eternal love. Why? Because whiskey lasts a heck of a lot longer than beer or other spirits– and it only gets better with age. If you and your partner feel the same way, then a whiskey pouring unity ceremony is that personal touch your wedding deserves. We got the idea from but are excited to put our own twist on it.

The Whiskey
The goal, of course, is to make your very own, very special blended whiskey. So don’t just pick any old whiskey off the shelf. Take time to consider your options. As the couple in decided, unaged whiskey is better– it will have longevity and age mingled together, just like you and your partner.

Why not do some tastings? Pick some whiskeys that you and your partner love and try mixing them together to see what happens. It’s not cheating. When in doubt, consult your local whiskey bar.

The Ceremony
It’s a good idea to explain to your guests what’s happening and what the whiskey is meant to represent. Write up something short to add to your ceremony– a description of the drinks, what each is meant to represent to you and your partner, and the dates in the future you hope to share it together. Like,

    1. Tonight, after returning to your hotel to snuggle up,
    1. After your first big fight (and subsequent make up!)
    1. After the birth of your children
    1. On your one-year, ten-year, twenty-year and subsequent anniversaries

and more.

You can mix your whiskey pouring unity ceremony with the rest of your wedding ceremony. If it’s a religious wedding, you may have to speak with your pastor or priest to see if it’s appropriate. If it isn’t, simply move it to the reception and have the DJ, or someone else important to your (Best Man, Maid of Honor, Parents) read off the description. Don’t do it yourself or have your partner do it– you folks have one, big job and that’s getting the whiskey into the cash or bottle that will hold it for eternity.

The Future
After all the partying is over and done, it’s important to secure your whiskey somewhere safe so it can be enjoyed for years to come. The couple in the post above found a beautiful cask to store their unity whiskey in. An engraved bottle would also work, but be sure to learn about the properties of your various whiskeys. If either of the mixed liquors don’t go well with sunlight, a dark container will be better.

Also, think about how often you will be drinking from it. If you plan on doing it yearly, you may need a larger receptacle than if it’s going to be an every-five-years arrangement.

Or, you could always plan to renew your vows once it runs out. Whatever excuse you can get for a party, right?